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 photo peter stigter02_zpsig9dixsm.pngEntire outfit – Zara (photo credits: Team Peter Stigter)

Last weekend I visited a couple of shows at Amsterdam Fashion Week, one of which we as L’Oréal Professionnel were the main sponsor; Spijkers & Spijkers. I enjoyed experiencing the backstage vibes and creativity, the cool and edgy people frontstage and the delicious drinks (Lillet and Guave Scroppino) in the lounge. The weather was beautiful, which made it all even better.

I got streetstyle photographed by Peter Stigter, not my most charming face, but still pretty cool. Love my new pants from Zara that I scored on sale. They have been on my wishlist for quite some time, but I couldn’t find them in any store anymore, until they popped up on the sale racks. Such a happy find!

Right now, it’s raining outside and me and my boyfriend are getting ready to go for a coffee in the city center. I am looking for a new appartment in Rotterdam since I have to leave mine in like 2 weeks, but everything I find is either too expensive or really crappy. It really sucks.. maybe I should go and stay under the Erasmus bridge, haha.

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 photo silhouettes06_zpssszmxukb.jpgTop – H&M | shorts – Zara | shoes – Nelly.com

The weather has been SO lovely here in the Netherlands.. Finally. They call it a heat wave, I rather call it ‘good summer weather’. :))

Yesterday, I went to a large outdoor swimming pool in the woods together with my brother, and we had a barbecue with new Mexican beer in the evening. Today, I layed in the sun all day with a book – I’m currently reading ‘To kill a mockingbird’, which has been on my wishlist for SO long so I finally bought it when I ran into it last week. A perfect book for – hopefully – a long summer. Which books are on your list this season?

I also went crazy on sale shopping, will share my bargains soon with you here!

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 photo takeoff11_zps8d22e8c2.jpg

The weather will be better from Whednesday onwards, so they say.. Can’t wait for long, hot summer days, wearing crop tops and summer dresses, sunnies and Jil Sander and Calvin Klein perfumes. Planning a little get away to (most likely) Italy at the end of July and to Cuba in November. I seriously can’t wait to travel more again, I miss it so much!

In Italy, I don’t want to do anything more than eating gelatos (minimum of two a day!), diving into pools and lakes, eating pastas, pizzas, tiramisu and other delicious deserts, maybe working out a bit (since everything is better in environments like this!), and drinking proseccos. Yes please.

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 photo profiber04_zpstwmv2jzo.jpg
 photo profiber05_zpsb5kifkcf.jpg
 photo profiber07_zpsrqq50ewd.jpg
 photo profiber08_zpsc5ummekq.jpg
 photo profiber01_zps8y5a3isp.jpg
 photo profiber03_zpspgwsqnnz.jpg

I’ve never been much of a salon-girl myself, I went to the hairdresser maybe twice a year, to only have it cut a little shorter. Now that I’m working at L’Oréal, my interest in anything related to beauty has grown and when they asked me to try out the new hair treatment Pro Fiber, I didn’t think twice! It is a hair treatment that is just launched, and the first treatment against damaged hair that is long-lasting, since you can reactivate it at home.

There are three distinct ranges of Pro Fiber products. When you go to the salon to have your hair treated, the hairdresser diagnoses your hair by asking a couple of questions about how you treat your hair (do you have colored or natural hair? Do you often use styling tools like straighteners? How often do you wash your hair? etc), in order to decide the level of damage of your hair and the corresponding treatment it requires. My hair, personally, is quite dry from itself (hey, curly head!) but I do not do much bad things to it apart from that (haha), so Restore fit my hair the best.

The in-salon Pro Fiber treatment is something you can reboost at home with the recharger. You use this everytime you wash your hair, in order to reactivate the treatment that has been put in your hair by the hairdresser. Besides the recharge, I also used the Pro Fiber shampoo, conditioner and mask, and afterwards the Leave-In. The photos above are from the at-home treatment. I must say: I adore the feeling of giving my hair a luxury treatment every now and then, and for a girl like me who is a bit sceptical of spending lots of money on in-salon treatments that you wash out immediately at home during your next shower session, this combination of in-salon treatment and reboosting the treatment at home is perfect. I love how it makes my hair softer and less frizzy and the delicious smell of rich vanilla that fills my bathroom everytime I use it!

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 photo industry02_zpsowqshc1p.jpg
 photo industry01_zps7qp3xa0u.jpg
 photo industry03_zpskedlil0s.jpg
 photo industry04_zpslsdhk5ud.jpg
 photo industry05_zpsezcrsmtf.jpg

Vest – Costes | Jeans – Levi’s | top – Zara | shoes – Zara | Bag – Zara | rings – H&M

Oh gosh, seeing these photos made me realize I really, REALLY need to make an appointment with my hairdresser to get my hair dyed again; it’s not becoming much prettier lately! I really would like to try going Bronde; this season’s it-color which is a combination between blonde and brown hair. A natural way to get a bit lighter so to say and perfect for summer.

Yesterday, I ordered a shitload of summer dresses at the Mango webshop (two sizes of each dress). I love their dresses this season and they’re currently at 50%-70% discount, love it! After doing really good sale scores last season, I swore to myself I wouldn’t buy anything (unless I really needed it or loved it insanely) before the next sale would hit. I pretty much held myself to that promise, and right now I am so happy for that. Saving so many euros while still finding lovely stuff!

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 photo VADERDAG_zpsp0rqhpe7.jpg
 photo vaderdag01_zpsrtbz34rs.jpg


Happy Father’s Day to all your lovely daddies! My two little brothers and I were planning on surprising our dad with breakfast in bed, but they both kind of overslept (party animals).. And since our dad woke up around 8 or so already, none of us was ready to prepare breakfast yet, haha, major failure. So we made lunch instead and surprised him with some deliciously smelling hair and bathing products, which I most certainly gonna ‘steal’ once or twice. Happy father’s day, daddy, you’re the best! We love you <3

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