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 photo cuba wanties02_zpsdl6dybbt.png

Sunnies – both Miu Miu (via Bijenkorf.nl) | bikini – Triangl | dress – Forever21

In two weeks, only two more weeks, we’re already in Cuba. I just can’t wait! Before the moment is there, I’m still debating with myself whether or not I should go get a pair of highly desirable – but also very expensive – Miu Miu sunnies. And if; which ones? What do you think?

The Triangl bikini I secretly already ordered – and it fits perfectly! Can’t wait to wear it..

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 photo constructor02 2_zpsra7jxb2c.jpg
 photo CONSTRUCTOR01_zpsrmz43vcq.jpg
 photo constructor04_zpskbr35bws.jpg
 photo constructor05_zpsuoe19e7a.jpg
 photo constructor06_zpsphjt1z57.jpg
 photo constructor07_zpsvbidxrdp.jpg
 photo constructor08_zpsteicdzbl.jpg

Trousers + top – Zara | shoes – Mango

I’ve had such a nice weekend. Started it with driving lessons on Saturday morning, after which I went to Ikea with my dad and little brother. He’s moving out this weekend, so exciting! Little brothers are getting big.. I also went by my other brother’s new apartment, and I just love his decorating. I’m also on the lookout for a new gym, I’d like something which really motivates me to continue going; found something with a sauna and steam cabins, curious to see if it’s as good as it sounds!

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 photo IMG_4211_zpsetlhcily.jpg

Photo from last fall. Everything: Zara

A quick photo from last year, with 3 mmy super cosy fake fur coat.
I’m planning for more summery clothes now, since we booked our trip to Cuba. Only 3 more weeks, can’t wait! I got my eyes on a pair of MiuMiu sunglasses, want them so badly but they’re so goddam expensive.. Not sure if I should splurge the money. They would look so awesome with all the vintage cars on Cuba though (not exactly a very valid reason, is it, haha).

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 photo herfst 2015_zpsfbmidjom.png

Dress – Gina Tricot | sneakers – Nike Air Force 1 | coat – Zara | jeans – Mango | bag – Saint Laurent | hat – Zara

Days are getting shorter, mornings more difficult to jump out of bed immediately when the alarm goes off, bare legs are more often not even an option, endless evenings with friends and drinks on the terrace after work are over, and the impulsive atmosphere in which you feel anything could happen is slowly making place for maybe even some little depressed feelings.. it’s time to focus on all the good things fall is gonna bring us, and what’s a better start than making a wishlist full of warm, comfy and super fashionable items that are slowly entering the stores? I am still trying to figure out what kind of style I like to wear this season, not sure yet, but these items above I love for sure <3

For me, I fell in love this weekend with yet another coat, I swear it’s one of the most comfy things I’ve ever put on. I’m definitely gonna buy it soon. Also; I’ve decided I MUST HAVE a hat! It’s gonna be the accesory of the season. Flared jeans are another season’s hit, after months of slow introduction with only a few people embracing it so far, I suspect them taking over this winter for real. Perfect for holding on a little longer to this summer’s 70-ies vibe we loved so much. Moreover, I love the new suede Nikes, the corded fabric of tight and long dresses, and the eye catcher: the YSL Cassandre bag I am hoping to finally buy this winter.. <3

What’s on your wishlist?

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 photo constructor11_zpsfuvfjebc.jpg
 photo constructor10_zpscwlnlpno.jpg

Sneak peek

Had my first driving lesson today! I have been postcastrinating this for so long, just because it never really seemed to be the right moment and I didn’t feel the need. Now is the time to finally go get one, though. It gives you so much more freedom.

I also payed Zara a quick visit today – damn I love their fall collection! <3 Can’t wait to make a selection of the things I’d like to add to my wardrobe this season. Will show you my current wishlist tomorrow!

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