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So… I have been living on my own for a couple of years already – since I was eighteen and went to university in another city. That was always in houses with other students, and, later on, also with friends – which was the best time ever. Nonetheless… I never cared too much for the looks of my home – as long as it was cheap and affordable, I was happy. I rather spent all the money I had left on clothes.

Now things are different. With the perspective on having a real job (with a real salary) – which still has to be found, but that’s a minor side issue ;) – I finally started to long for a place that really feels like a home. A place that’s comfortable. Some more space to myself than a room that just fits my double bed and a rack of clothes. Space to sort my clothes which feels inspirational. To finally put my super large Chanel no. 5 ad poster, and to sort all the make-up I collected during my internship at L’Oréal the past half a year. A place I want to invest in.

I went along and browsed a bit on the web, collected items that together make a good start of my dream interior. Some items being pretty affordable, others more of a long-term idea for when I’m (much) older (and much richer, haha), like the bed and Chesterfield couch. A bit of country-influences in the form of wood and native American/Moroccan patterns, finished off with a touch of gold.

No, I certainly wouldn’t mind. Let’s go find that job. ;)

Chairs – Anthropologie | basket – H&M home | bed – Anthropologie | mugs – Keith Brymer Jones | couch – Chesterfield | stool and lamp – Zara Home | mirror – VT Wonen | scented candle – Malin+Goetz (mojito)


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 photo cowboylook_zps13eaf0fc.png

T-shirt – Costes (here) | gilet – Coster (here) | shoes – Zara (here)

Ahh, remember, back in 2005 when there was nothing cooler than cowboy boots in the brightest colors you could find? And then the period there was nothing more uncool than wearing those same cowboy boots, hehe.

Well, 2015 is promising us a glorious comeback of cowboy inspired looks. Style.com doesn’t refer to Ladies of the Canyon as one of the most important spring/summer 2015 trends without a reason. Fringes, suede, western-ish fur with stars, denim and tie-dye all ruled the runways of Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Alberta Ferretti and many others, combining the typical western-chic with 70’ies hippy influences.

I, personally, wouldn’t mind being spotted in the outfit above sometime soon! The Zara boots being an almost perfect replica of these witty Maison Martin Margiela boothies that were already sported by The Blonde Salad’s Chiara Ferragni a couple of weeks ago. And thus, they have a good chance of becoming iconic for the season!



 photo honey01_zpsf67fa498.jpg photo honey02_zps3589ae65.jpg photo honey01_zpsf67fa498.jpg photo honey05_zps74faf9ed.jpg photo honey06_zpse04fe0c3.jpg

Entire outfit – Zara | lipstick – L’Oréal Paris Collection Exclusive Laetitia’s Pure Red

The whole outfit!
Ok, so I might need to put a little more effort into working out in order to sport leggings. A good new year’s resolution (ha-ha). Going to the gym proved to be not really my cup of tea. Last year December I started a killer-routine, which I quit before the finals in March and I never really got into it again anymore. Too bad actually, but the gym really is so boring to me after a while, when the newness is gone. I might want to try ballet beautiful, though. For the Trend Event of L’Oréal Paris last Monday that I co-organised I found a Dutch version of this workout, called barre concept. It’s founded by a Dutch girl, Amber, who is a classically schooled ballerina who took a course in ballet beautiful in London before starting her own school here in Amsterdam. She gave a short workshop at our event and I would love to try it out sometime soon. I can’t wait to show you the new products and trends that we introduced to the press at our event. You’ll definitely read more about it soon on the blog!



 photo honey12_zpscf041b68.jpg
 photo honey13_zps22f12c3f.jpg
 photo purereds_zpsb3d25fe2.jpg

Working for L’Oréal has as a great pré that you’re the first one to be aware of new launches and beauty trends. This lipstick, we launched last October in collaboration with the Free a Girl foundation. For every sold lipstick in that month, one euro went to the foundation that helps freeing girls from forced prostitution. A great cause.

I don’t actually know why I didn’t post about this collection before, especially because I absolutely love it. They are based upon four fenotypes; Blake, Doutzen, Laetitia, and Julianne. They suggested Julianne for me, since I have blue eyes and a hint of red in my brown hair. I love how sophisticated the colour looks on me, there is a perfect red for every woman. On top of it, the lipstick smells really good, which might be a pretty weird thing to say about a lipstick, but it’s true. The matte finish makes it very much ‘now’.

Still looking for a perfect red for the holidays? This might be your call :) What’s your favourite red lipstick?


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 photo honey04_zps0157aad0.jpg
 photo honey07_zpsffebe594.jpg
 photo honey08_zpsbce54f09.jpg
 photo honey09_zpsfdfa0be6.jpg
 photo honey10_zps599d63cc.jpg

Entire outfit – Zara | lipstick – L’Oréal Paris Collection Exclusive Laetitia’s Pure Red

An all-Zara look! Had a Christmas party from L’Oréal last Friday in Club Air in Amsterdam. We had so much fun! The theme was neon, which I didn’t wear, haha. I wore my black open back dress, and high heels which I changed for my Nike Air Max halfway the night (haha, oops). We started in the afternoon with manicure and visagist sessions for all women working at the company. Major girl-time! The L’Oréal Paris visagist gave me beautiful plum-and-brown smokey eyes which I adored, and put foundation and blush on my face (I usually never wear anything more ‘cakey’ than a BB-cream, but must admit that I liked how it looked). Part of the reason is also that I do not trust myself picking a colour matching my face, haha. Are there more girls sharing this problem? Now that I now my True Match color, I might wear it a bit more often to see if I like it!

In the end, I took a night-train back home to Rotterdam, a cab from the station to my home (I got a free Uber ride but couldn’t find out how the app worked, precisely, so I took a regular cab and then accidentally ordered an Uber one in the end which I had to delete while hanging up on their calls, haha. Oops.) I got home around 04:30, together with my roomies who’d had a party from their study association, put my laundry in the washing machine (seriously, I never have time to do the laundry, imagine that 04:30 deems to be the best moment for it..) and went to sleep. To wake up around 9 already to find out that the awesome neon bodypaint tattoo on your shoulder doesn’t get off under the shower. Oh well.


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 photo 6_zpsac27e4c0.jpg photo 1_zpse9df45e5.jpg photo 5_zps8e2b3cf4.jpg photo 3_zps0f2f2f97.jpg photo 8_zps8614f9d6.jpg
 photo 7_zpsb18e9ada.jpg
 photo 4_zps37200622.jpg

Blouse  and shoes – Zara | pants – H&M

And the whole outfit! We had such a beautiful start of the fall, warm days on which we didn’t really needed a coat or jacket yet. It’s like with the first day of December, winter really hit. Baby it’s cold outside! Winter coats, scarves, gloves, … it doesn’t seem enough. A good way to prepare for skiing, cause I decided this weekend to join my boyfriend and his family on their skiing trip in the first week of January! It’s been years since I stood on a pair of skies, so I’m a bit nervous, haha! What is also means though: no more clothes shopping! I cannot miss a dime spent on unnecessary expenses right now! Wish me luck :)


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