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Complete look – Zara

We spent Sunday in my family’s garden. They live in the country side, on the cutest farm out there. We barbecued, talked, and just had a really nice time. When we took some outfit pics, all of a sudden the neighbouring cows were getting all interested in us, so we decided to take photos with them, haha ;) Besides, it was finally time to wear the first real summer outfit of the year. Loving it!

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Essie spring collection; Picked Perfect, Blossom Dandy, Flowerista, Garden Variety, Petal Pushers, Perennial Chic

As promised here the rest of the photos from the essie spring 2015 collection. The colors surprised me, when I put them on, I loved them a lot more! They pretty much all cover in one application, though some are prettier when you use two. My favourite colors are for sure petal pushers, flowerista, picked perfect, and perennial chic! What are your faves?

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 photo pineapple_zpsdd2lida3.jpg

Blossom Dandy – essie (spring collection)

This is a little preview of something I’ve been working on the past week; shooting the essie spring collection! I love all colours, but I definitely have a few favourites. I’ll show you all the pictures soon!

Yesterday was great, went up to the north, to Groningen to visit the Hunkemoller sample sale. It was SO crowded, unbelievable.. But we definitely scored some very good bargains! I’m all set for the next year or so when it comes to undies, haha! Other than that; my muscles are SO incredibly sore. I did a resistence workout yesterday, and today as well… all the walking today made me realise it maybe was a squat or two too many, auch, haha.

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Skirt from Primark | t-shirt from Zara (my favourite linen t-shirts!) | shoes from Zara | jacket from Zara | bag from Zara… oohhh so much from Zara! ;)

The whole look from yesterday! Damn, the weather was so weird. Sunny, stormy, thunder storms, and super windy.. as you can probably tell from the way my hair looks.. I should definitely visit the hairdresser soon, whoops! I’m just always too lazy to go, and also I don’t like spending that much money on it, tbh, haha! Are there more of you with this problem?

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 photo bag02_zpso3ofinqj.jpg

Bag from Zara

Good morning girls! See here a sneak peek of what I was wearing yesterday. I had lunch with Caroline, she showed me the best cute little new clothing store in town (I’m gonna buy something there soon!), and she took some outfit photos for me. This morning, I already did my Kayla workout, abs and arms… heavy! I usually don’t have much of a problem with the legs and cardio and stuff, but 10000000 push ups are not really my cup of tea, I think, haha!

In a few moments, the Acne online pop-up store opens, with items that are discounted over 75%! It’s probably still expensive, though, but we’ll see, maybe I’ll find something nice. It’s only in the Netherlands and Belgium, though! This afternoon, I’m going to Groningen, to visit the sample sale of Hunkemรถller, together with Akkelyn. Last year I scored a whole lot of good stuff, so I’m definitely excited!

The whole look will be on the blog later today :) Have a great day girls! X

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