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Take me back…. Tuscany 2012


 photo IMG_1184_zpsc33d8eb0.jpg

 photo IMG_0904_zps8a53bb76.jpg

 photo IMG_0908_zpsf3af98e1.jpg

 photo IMG_0909_zpsfe8ddb1c.jpg

 photo IMG_0935_zps0283dd48.jpg

 photo IMG_0922_zps17c50b68.jpg

 photo IMG_0931_zps65784823.jpg

 photo IMG_0957_zpsec872478.jpg

I photo IMG_0975_zpsb783c735.jpg

 photo IMG_1002_zps287cf37d.jpg

 photo IMG_1014_zps397d02cd.jpg

 photo IMG_0980_zps29a832ac.jpg

 photo IMG_1190_zps5042f266.jpg photo IMG_1041_zpsb0ac219f.jpg

 photo IMG_1044_zps341b331a.jpg

 photo IMG_1048_zpsb8274cdd.jpg

 photo IMG_1049_zps6861b0ab.jpg

 photo IMG_1081_zps2a957c52.jpg

 photo IMG_1052_zps45811aa9.jpg

 photo IMG_1115_zps527574f7.jpg

 photo IMG_1120_zpsa99e552f.jpg

 photo IMG_1146_zps8271b1a5.jpg

 photo IMG_1162_zpse036b008.jpg

 photo IMG_1170_zps0c8ee3ba.jpg

 photo IMG_1232_zps9673a220.jpg

 photo IMG_1239_zpse402ed87.jpg

 photo alexandermcqueen3_zpsadf72012.jpg

 photo 557527_10151116445930091_1271121978_n_zpsc40965c6.jpg

 photo 533262_10151116442275091_930276101_n_zpsa4e5a481.jpg

 photo 251815_10151116446095091_1326506764_n_zps83c41430.jpg

 photo 391383_10151116442645091_1914997535_n_zps1b464c5f.jpg

 photo 402138_10151116446615091_1525115141_n_zpsf698a268.jpg

 photo 405223_10151116446225091_1501261134_n_zpsd858f3fd.jpg

 photo 553591_10151116439090091_2022334050_n_zps6dbc8c27.jpg

If there is one place on earth that I should choose as most impressive, I would definitely pick Tuscany. Although I have seen amazing places in both Europe and the USA, Tuscany, with its breathtaking sceneries definitely beats them all. There’s just something about Italy that I love so much.., the summers, their limitless hospitality and charm, the old cities and enchanting villages… Take me back!


Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

2 thoughts on “Take me back…. Tuscany 2012

  1. Your trip was AMAMAZZZZing! WHAT an incredible trip! Your pics are sooo gorgeous and dynamite! Lovin’ all of your outfits too babe! Happy summer!

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