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Feel Good Friday


Friday is for sharing favourites and feel good moments 🙂

Favourite song – Bang Bang by Will.i.am

I love the twenties, I love movies and I just CANNOT stop listening to The Great Gatsby playlist.. ❤ I love how they did remakes of famous songs, made them totally 20’s (Amy’s Back To Black and Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love), but also the new songs. Bang Bang is my super-duper favourite, and the lyrics “Love stupid, I know it.. My baby shot me down again, shot me down with the love and it go bang bang” seem to be a story of my life 😉

Favourite Idea – The Philips Airfryer
 photo airfryer_zps01e5a014.jpg
A few weeks ago, some executives from Philips gave a lecture for one of my courses at uni. Interesting, for sure.. But at some point, they REALLY managed to get my attention, namely when they mentioned (and the following zillion times they mentioned it.. haha) their newest product, the airfryer. It is a fryer, however… where normal fryers use oil (diiirrtty, disgusting oil, everytime I see it I swear to never eat fried food again – to only fail at most a week or two later), this beauty heats up your food to incredibly high temperatures in incredibly short amounts of time. Having the same effect as using oil (or so they say, I haven’t tasted any proof yet, suggestion for a next lecture, Philips?:)). In conclusion: SUPER healthy (or for as far fried food can be healthy).. meaning: We can at least double our portions :)))

Favourite Quote – by Maryanne Radanbacher
 photo courage_zps91f1d927.png
I found this so beautiful, so simple and so true. Taking rest, getting your sleep and thinking things over are also so important in order to achieve things, and contribute so much to perseverance. It does not have to be that obvious.

Favourite actress – Jennifer Lawrence

I must confess that I wasn’t all convinced when I saw her acting in both the Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook. Yes, she was pretty, a good actress, but someone needs more to get me to really like her. Then, I came across this movie from the Oscars, and hell yeah.. this is the kind of woman we need in Hollywood. Someone who does not pretend and promote that clothes, luxury and preparation rituals are all that matters. Just genious how she makes fun of all those idiots that call themselves journalists. You go girl!

Favourite way to waste time – Sporcle.com

Topography has never been one of my best developed skills (except for the exams we’d got to study for in primary school, for which I always strived to get straight tens for….Sadly, studying at the very last moment also has always been how I rolled, so hardly anything that helped me achieve those tens has actually contributed to my today’s state of wisdom :))). Anyway, topography is my favourite topic out of all of the challenges that are up there, and then especially countries of the world. I am definitely not mastering it yet, but I think I’d dare to give it a shot now if I would happen to be part of a television quiz now.. You know, just in case.


Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

3 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. I love the saying above there. 🙂 “Courage doesn’t always roar, sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day, saying, I will try again tomorrow.”

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