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The perfect day


 photo IMG_6810_zps9821d251.jpg
 photo IMG_6798-001_zps81b84c51.jpg
 photo IMG_6795_zps1fc5a2ae.jpg
 photo IMG_6792_zps3113d8bf.jpg
 photo IMG_6789_zps9b894e66.jpg
 photo IMG_6788_zpsaa564630.jpg
 photo IMG_6815_zps9d0e3455.jpg
 photo IMG_6823_zps4f1054ad.jpg
 photo IMG_6831_zpsb56d517b.jpg
 photo IMG_6837_zps33e9aaaf.jpg
 photo IMG_6817_zps9bd510cf.jpg

Top and shorts – H&M | espadrilles – Superdry | sunglasses – Rayban | statement necklace – Pull & Bear | watch & jewellery – Michael Kors and Tiffany’s

Today was a bit of a chaos. I was planning on either going to visit some friends in Groningen, or track the store where they sell the Nike’s that I’ve been meaning to buy for ages. I really kind of need them for my trip to China, and was so stupid to always delay the purchase… I tend to do that with rather expensive purchases… So they were sold out in my hometown, but they still had them in a store in a city close to mine. Anyway, I couldn’t find my wallet like ANYWHERE. So… no debit card or my public transport card. What to do?! Haha. I decided to go for a bike tour to one of the neighbouring villages surrounding our city, with my little brother to get an icecream, and meanwhile enjoy the sun and get a little tan (cycling is purrrrrfect for that). We often do that on summer days like these. When we were about halfway gone, my bike totally collapsed (well, yeah.. that happens with those ‘cool’ OLD student bikes I guess) and we had to continue on one bike πŸ™‚ We had an icecream (luckily my brother hadn’t lost his wallet..), biked home and found that my great dad had droven home from work since I left my wallet in his car :)))

Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

2 thoughts on “The perfect day

  1. Leuke foto’s heb je gemaakt! Die close up van jou met je ijsje is leuk πŸ™‚

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