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I’m off!: Backpacking through China


Tonight I’ll fly to China to go backpacking for four weeks!

Together with another friend, we’ll visit a friend of ours who is from China but did her bachelor’s in Groningen, the Netherlands, where we met her. Ever since, she tells us that we really have to come visit her in China, and of course we always wanted to do that but it never seemed like the right time. Last year, because we were all at the start of an exciting period of studying abroad and earlier because we didn’t know each other too well back then. When we all came back from our study abroad (me from the US, they from Uppsala in Sweden and Hong Kong), it really was like a ‘now or never’-moment. After the summer, we will all start with our master’s, in different cities. She is going to London, we’ll go to Rotterdam. So… it had to be this summer!

 photo china_zps4504afc0.png

We want to see as much as possible in the short time that we have, and eventually created this route. Tonight, we’ll fly from Amsterdam to Beijing (with a stop in Moscow!!!), where we’ll be spending some days and will try to see as much as possible. After that, we’ll take a train to Xi’an where the famous terracotta army is located. I really hope to see some beautiful Chinese landscapes and countryside while on the train! Hopefully there will be rice terraces!! Besides, it’s been said to be a really nice and fun city as well. After that, we’ll continue to Wuhan, the city where our friend lives. We will stay in a beautiful, beautiful hotel.. which I am super excited about. I am really curious to see where she is from, and hope that we’ll do some typically Chinese activities like karaoke!! Omg, she told me so much about it, with like whole enormous buildings with rooms with themes (Hello Kitty, Japanese… )… that would definitely be a great experience, haha!

 photo China02_zpsfc2fbbea.jpg

We will continue to the city of Hangzhou, which is famous for being ‘paradise on earth’ according to the Chinese. We hope to attend a Chinese tea ceremony, as the city is world-famous for its tea (the Longjing tea – or dragon well tea). Also, it has a beautiful, enormous lake by which radiant light- and dance shows are bing performed in the evenings. The next stop will be Guilin, which is famous for its nature. I really hope to see some rice terraces there and to take a trip by boat on the Li River.

 photo china03_zps635f19aa.jpg

 photo china05_zpsd51d93e0.jpg

Before heading back home, we will stay in Hong Kong for some days. Although I have already been to New York, I believe this will be like an even more impressive city. It’s been said it is the exotic version of the big apple. Besides incredible buildings and shopping opportunities, there are also great things to see in terms of nature and we hope to go hiking there.

 photo china06_zpsbfcd12b1.jpg

After four weeks, which are undoubtedly going to be an undescribable experience, we will head home to Amsterdam. But not without having a transfer in KAZAKHSTAN. I am really excited for that as well, haha… it really is a country you’d never really visit otherwise. And although we won’t be able to leave the airport, I really hope I’ll get a stamp in my passport and experience a bit of the atmosphere there..

I will not be bringing my laptop (it wouldn’t really be backpacking then, would it?), since I will probably have no time for it, don’t want to be carrying it around all the time and.. mainly: because we probably won’t have wi-fi that much, let alone access to websites like WordPress and Facebook, unfortunately. I have written some posts in advance, they will be appearing on the blog regularly, but for updates about my stay in China you will probably have to wait til I am back, around the 10th of August. I will try to modify comments every now and then!

You can, however, follow me on instagram (@marle_r), hopefully that will work and you can count on me for uploading a bulk of pictures then!

Have a really nice summer, girls!

Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

4 thoughts on “I’m off!: Backpacking through China

  1. HEEEEEEEEEEERLIJK! Geniet ervan!

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