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Feel Good Friday #2

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Favourite obsession – The Great Gatsby

 photo ff04_zpsbd450b09.jpg

It might be obvious by now that I am slightly obsessed by both the book, and – especially – the movie The Great Gatsby. I love the story-line, the hidden motives, the personalities and the way of filming. I can’t wait for the DVD to be released!

Favourite beauty – the jewellery at the Chanel couture fashion show

 photo ff05_zps975627e0.jpg

Definitely one of the best things seen in the detail shots from the Couture collections, on style.com. Chanel did it again: something new. Something we haven’t already seen a zillion times before. Something that immediately accelerates our heartbeat and rouses our desire. Wanna-have? 🙂

Favourite thing to look forward to – Imagine Dragons concert in London

 photo ff06_zps3b2ad08d.png

I was a fan from the – almost – very  first beginning. When they were dominating the US top lists, but almost nobody in the Netherlands had yet heard from them. Their album was on repeat in our appartment non-stop, we knew all lyrics and when we found out about their concert in the Netherlands – rather late -…… it was already sold out. Seriously? When did the rest of humanity discover them? We still really thought we were the early adopting, super hip, kinda people here in Holland. WRONG! Luckily, they planned slightly more concerts in the UK, where they were popular for a while already, than they did in Holland, so… we decided to just book a round-trip London for that matter! Looking forward to it só much, since it will also be my very first time in London! 

Favourite thing that happened last week – Take off to China!!!

 photo ff07_zps7e93ca34.jpg

Very exciting, of course! Last Thursday I took off to China for 4 weeks! I’ll be travelling around from Beijing to Hong Kong, as you can read in this blogpost 🙂 I’ll soon be back with all pictures and stories!

Favourite wishlist item – YSL Cassandre bag

 photo YSLcassandre_zps4e78c9af.png

I consider the Yves Saint Laurent Cassandre bag (about which I wrote earlier this week) as totally appropriate to be added  to my wishlist. And to probably stay there for-EVAH. Not Because I got bored of it, but because I simply never saved up all the money – or got the courage to spend it all on a bag….


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