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Saturday Shopping Selection: bikinis

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I am a sucker when it comes to bikinis, but at the same time I find it difficult to find really nice ones. Especially when you prefer not to see the entire beach or swimming pool sporting the same one as you do, even though you’re on a holiday in a foreign country. That is often something we, Dutchies, have to deal with. Because of our climate of having autumn (including rain) all four seasons long, and our summer consists out of max 10 days of warm weather, basically the only bikinis sold are the ones from stores like H&M, sport stores and lingerie shops. Nothing fancy, nothing unique. When I’m in the south of Europe, during the summer, I just looove to visit all their surf and lingerie stores, since there are so many just stunning bikinis to find. Especially Calzedonia is a must on every trip, and I often buy one there – particularly nice because it is often sale-time then 😀 Anyway, please find below some really gorgeous pieces.. not from Calzedonia since they don’t have an e-store, but definitely a lot other beautiful bathing suits.

 photo saturdaybikinis_zpse1219347.png
 photo saturdaybikinis2_zpsc4b4dd62.png

My top favourites from this selection? PLEASE let me have that super cool Forever 21 fringe bikini!!! And I wouldn’t mind the gorgeous Seafolly one, the VIX bikini, the red/blue printed Victoria’s Secret and basically all the Baku (what a great brand!) suits…. ❤

Got yourself a favourite?


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