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The YSL Cassandre bag – Unconditional love?

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 photo YSLcassandre_zps4e78c9af.png

I never, ever (like, EVAH – to quote Taylor Swift), fall in love with a bag. Let alone fall in love hard. Unfortunately for myself, now that it happened, it had to happen with one of the most out-of-reach-bags there are. Namely, the YSL Cassandre bag. Esmée (a fellow Dutchie), blogged about it, so she is totally to blame since I, otherwise, would have completely missed out on this bag since I don’t make a habit out of hanging around on net-a-porter (totally related to my almost non-existing financial situation). Anyway, the bag. It is gorgeous, and as close to perfection as a bag can go. Small, basic, très chic, twenties-style, and something that will stay around for ever, will probably increase in value with 1000000%, something I will pass on to my daughter or granddaughter (if I can ever get to marry someone alike Hugh Grant, for that matter). So, all valid reasons summed up: I need this bag. Price? €1,250.- Well, I remembered it was around €1,500 something, so remembering that wrongly, is a first win of about 300 euros. Always look at the bright side. Hmmm… maybe my parents are still searching for a nice graduation present? :)))) Ding, ding, ding.

Oh, and yes. Still stubbornly calling it Yves Saint Laurent, instead of Saint Laurent Paris. The latter is just so uncool – add that to the list of valid reasons: the logo will most likely not stay around much longer…, this bag could be my LAST chance, hahaha.


Author: Marle

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