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I think I just went to bikini-heaven: Agua Bendita

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 photo aguabendita01_zps4043a2ed.jpg

 photo aguabendita06_zps8f7fdcc9.jpg

 photo aguabendita02_zpsb27e4540.jpg

 photo aguabendita07_zpsffe9b17e.jpg

 photo aguabendita04_zps1d9ca981.jpg

 photo aguabendita03_zpsea39cfa8.jpg

 photo aguabendita05_zps0ba93659.jpg

 photo aguabendita08_zps869ac687.jpg

 photo aguabendita11_zpsb94ea35b.jpg

 photo aguabendita09_zps4e42dccb.jpg

 photo aguabendita12_zpsc2ccb5d8.jpg

 photo aguabendita17_zps4266d57c.jpg

 photo aguabendita18_zps7d64ea25.jpg

 photo aguabendita19_zpsab4df371.jpg

 photo aguabendita21_zpsd4492f10.jpg

 photo aguabendita20_zps53e3a4a7.jpg

 photo aguabendita14_zpsc11faf9e.jpg

I’ve never been secretive about being a bikini-holic. I cannot visit any south European country without maniacally checking out the Calzedonia bikini stores. It is all just so much better than we have here in the Netherlands, where the sun is never shining and the temperatures never exceed 22 degrees (which is hot by our understanding).

After watching the Dutch movie ‘Verliefd op Ibiza’, I fell in love hard with a bikini that one of the actresses was wearing. After doing my research (;)), I found out that all bikinis from the movie are from the brand ‘Agua Bendita’. A brand I’d never heard of, that has a super inefficient website, is hardly to be found either online or in physical stores, and is screamingly expensive. Panic attack!

Nonetheless, if I would be able to find the bikini from the tenth promo photo above, the one with the beaded fringe, I would seriously want I’d have about 200 spare euros to spend. Just L.O.V.E. for this brand and its amazing campaigns.

Check their collection and website here, check this Benelux website for their selling points in the Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg!


Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

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