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The Great Gatsby. The BOOK, not the movie.

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I’ve been meaning to read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby for a while. Before the movie, and before I desperately wanted to see the movie. Yes, the latter definitely triggered me to actually do it (you can’t read the book after you’ve watched the movie, that is just a really un-cool thing to do), but it all started with Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris, which has was my favourite movie for quite some time last year. It made me fall in love with the twenties, and since Fitzgerald got mentioned in the movie, it had been on my to-read list ever since.

The story is about a man, Jay Gatsby, who seems to have all the money in the world, and to be enjoying it to the max. Like they all did in the twenties. I love the reference to a review from the New York Times that is mentioned on the backside of the book cover “The era in which gin was the national drink, and sex the national obsession”. It just seems to catch the atmosphere of the book – and in my imagination that of the twenties – in one sentence. Anyway, mr Gatsby gives the most remarkable, incredible parties of the county, you know, the kind of parties that you just really wish your friends would throw every weekend or so. (note to self: make new friends) The story is rather a tragic love story in the end, but just told in a kinda unique way. I do not want to spoil it all for you by telling too much, just know that it really, really is worth reading!

Also, it is a pretty easy read for something that is called literature (instead of chicklit..) and that has been written in the 1920’s! So, no excuses!


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One thought on “The Great Gatsby. The BOOK, not the movie.

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