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China week 1: Beijing photo diary + miniguide


 photo IMG_7017_zps477d584e.jpg
 photo IMG_6897_zpsafa161b1.jpg photo IMG_6909-001_zps125b1002.jpg photo IMG_6913-001_zpse66f85da.jpg photo IMG_7014_zps72bc7f2b.jpg
 photo IMG_6921-001_zps82300220.jpg
 photo IMG_6942_zps70cd8e72.jpg
 photo IMG_6956_zps3c317ca1.jpg
 photo IMG_6987_zpsddb6de51.jpg
 photo IMG_7007_zps5fa84baa.jpg
 photo IMG_6989_zpsbdf2c523.jpg
 photo IMG_7023_zpse033818f.jpg
 photo IMG_7030_zps0bb6162f.jpg
 photo IMG_7053_zps22c526d0.jpg
 photo IMG_7055_zps8b2205bf.jpg
 photo IMG_6996_zpsbf8982af.jpg
 photo IMG_7063_zpsc68e7625.jpg
 photo IMG_7068_zpsf21dd697.jpg
 photo IMG_7070_zps6cbebda2.jpg
 photo IMG_7075_zps12cd7da6.jpg
 photo IMG_7078_zps3f1c8498.jpg
 photo IMG_7079_zps01c09d89.jpg
 photo IMG_7091_zps9acd8596.jpg
 photo IMG_7110_zpsa449623a.jpg
 photo IMG_7112_zps1ecd1786.jpg
 photo IMG_7124_zpsb97b6ada.jpg
 photo IMG_7133_zpsdc227b0c.jpg
 photo IMG_7136_zps07e0e04e.jpg
 photo IMG_7144_zps3639c881.jpg
 photo IMG_7147_zpse3c0af75.jpg
 photo IMG_7154_zps8d45c04b.jpg
 photo IMG_7157_zps68fc4c0f.jpg
 photo IMG_7169_zpse19d2fe7.jpg
 photo IMG_7202_zps8893481a.jpg
 photo IMG_7208_zpsb775f2fe.jpg
 photo IMG_7215_zps3250b270.jpg
 photo IMG_7218_zps696a9ebc.jpg
 photo IMG_7232_zps8a2565ef.jpg\
 photo IMG_7241_zpsd1fb5231.jpg
 photo IMG_7251_zps0a6a8946.jpg
 photo IMG_7257_zps1c1979f0.jpg
 photo IMG_7264_zps78804e9b.jpg
 photo IMG_7278_zps70c9104a.jpg
 photo IMG_7316_zps534fc583.jpg
 photo IMG_7327_zps90b75235.jpg

While recovering from the jetlag (seriously, I fell asleep while watching Identity Thief, a super funny stand-up comedian, ánd a thriller the last few days..), I also made a slow start sorting out all the photos I took during the past 4 weeks… Actually, I did most of it yesterday, and I have one half-full memory card to go as we speak. Most of the photos needed some serious editing, since the smog ruined them all. They all had this unattractive, brown-ish dust-layer over them..

Beijing itself was great – a lot of things to see, for very reasonable prices. Ghost Street and Bar Street (go, for example to Hutong Pizza) are REALLY nice places for dinner, the kinda thing that we started to miss about Europe: just nice, cosy dinner restaurants. Besides the obvious things as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall (which, actually, was really impressive in real life. And steep. Oeff), the Olympic Park (réally good at night and to have dinner!), we also liked the Lama Temple a lot, as well as the many, many parks (and especially the Beihei Park), which are absolutely breathtaking – especially on a bright day.

Unfortunately, the subway only runs till 11 pm, which makes it a little frustrating to live like a-European-who-is-in-a-warm-foreign-country: namely, have dinner as late in the evening as possible. Seriously, those things can really piss me off. Also, you’ll have to get used to the smell in that subway, omg. Omg. But well, cheap it is.


Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

5 thoughts on “China week 1: Beijing photo diary + miniguide

  1. What a great photo set! China looks unbelievably interesting and exciting. After spending three weeks in Japan, China is high on my ‘must see’ list. It’s just such a satisfying challenge to travel somewhere where the language and culture is just *so* different. You look like you’re having a blast – totally jealous!


    • Thank you!! It was absolutely super interesting and breathtakingly beautiful. I’ve never seen such spectacular sunsets in my life (I’ll upload those photos later on this week!).
      I’ve always wanted to visit Japan… xx

  2. So jelly! Looks awesome

  3. Wauw, echt hele leuke foto’s!
    Zou zelf ook wel eens daarheen willen (:

    Liefs, Liese
    PS: ik hou een give-away, doe jij al mee?:)

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