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Feel Good Friday #3

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Favourite activity – recovery day

Well… my journey back home didn’t exactly went very smoothly.. you could say. We first flew 6 hours from Hong Kong to Almaty (in Kazakhstan, yes…  – we thought it would be cool (couldn’t really resist the idea of having thát stamp in my passport, no.. can you blame me?), and it was either that or Mumbai – where we had to wait for 13 hours. Ok, no problem, we knew that beforehand ánd it saved us over 200 euros, so, still… I was not complaining. But THEN…. the people working there.. they were just SO mean, really, as if we were criminals. Our boarding pass for the second part of our travel was not yet printed in Hong Kong, and the people in Almaty behaved as if they had never printed a boarding pass before – which, actually, might be true. We had to hand in our passports for over 9 hours – which we refused, of course. Eventually, after an hour of dicussions and insults from their side (“hahah, you look like children, what are you? Women??”), talking to people who couldn’t speak English.. we did hand them our passports since they kept telling us that there was no way we could leave the country if we didn’t. After stressing for 9 hours, no sleep and more people yelling at us (in the business lounge, can you imagine?!), the woman bringing us our passports and boarding passes also was over an hour late… CAN I JUST KILL ALL OF YOU?!

Anyway…. Kinda lost track of the reason of this story: I needed a recovery day, haha. SLEEP, showers with lots of products and a good treatment for my feet, which I kinda treated as slaves over the past 4 weeks 😉

Favourite moment 1 – Drinks at the Wooloo Mooloo sky lounge

 photo ff02_zpscde87c56.jpg photo ff03_zps1c0b1ec9.jpg

A friend of us, who studies in Hong Kong for 6 months, tipped us about the Wooloo Mooloo sky lounge. Despite the fact that is was rather difficult to find, initially we set foot (ooops, was still wearing my Nike frees… shall we just argue that they are very, VERY chic-roof terrace-proof then? :))) on the roof terrace of a skyscraper. Perfect music (a mix of top 40, something more unique and golden oldies), perfect atmosphere and ohhhhh, thát VIEW! Definitely one of the most intense and perfect moments of my life.

Favourite moment 2 – Flying with KLM

Well, after the drama at Almaty airport, I can just only say that it was SUCH a relief to be enthusiastically greeted by the KLM crew who flew us home. They took perfect care of us, were super sweet and understanding, they SMILED and had FUN…. Really, nothing is more comfortable than being addressed in your native language by kind people who understand you, and who are on the same level as you. I had the most relaxing flight I’ve ever had, thanks KLM!

Favourite photo

 photo IMG_7958_zpsde6d796f.jpg

I shot this photo at the West Lake, in Hangzhou. It had just rained and there still was a little thunder from the thunderstorm when the sun set. Literally EVERYONE was shooting photos like crazy, because honestly, it must have been one of the most beautiful things (and for sure sunsets) I’ve ever seen.

Favourite buy – Nike haul in Hong Kong

 photo ff01_zps77c69172.jpg

When we found out that Nike is about 50 per cent cheaper in Hong Kong than everywhere else, and after we located the real Nike stores and were able to differentiate them from all the fakers, I just couldn’t help myself and bought – almost – an entire new wardrobe of running gear. I just love their prints, bright colours and sport tops… especially when I can have them for a very reasonable price 😉 And …. the fit… it’s just almost heavenly, can’t understand how I survived without, in the past x years!

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