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BAGS: The stars of the new season

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 photo tassenvanhetseizoen01_zpsf53df7bb.png
 photo tassenvanhetseizoen02_zps5cc2a6db.png

From left to right: Saint Laurent (€1590), Saint Laurent brown version (€1490), Givenchy green and red(€1299), Givenchy (€2066), Tory Burch (€480), Alexander McQueen clutch (€325)

I am a rather difficult person when it comes to bags. I often don’t like them (actually, I almost never like them), when it concerns budget/high street ones, that is. I do like a lot of the Zara bags, but to pay close to a hundred euros for a non-leather one, and over a hundred for a leather one-but-that-doesn’t-last-an-eternity, like most of them… no, that’s not really something I can justify to myself – especially because I’m nothing close to a bag-addict.

Nonetheless, there are quite a few designer bags that I love, and when Vogue NL uploaded the above cow-skin Givenchy bag on their Facebook page, I fell in love immediately. Of course, I don’t really have the money for it (héllo university studies), so all those bags are not a serious option for me. That’s too bad, ’cause seriously, designer bags are almost the only bags I truly think are beautiful. Anyway, it did give me the idea to select – in my eyes – the stars of the coming season, in my opinion all really good it-bags. Especially the first Saint Laurent bag is simply perfection…

Funny to see, also, that I clearly have my preferences when it comes to designers… I liked almost all of the Givenchy and Saint Laurent bags (there are much more gorgeous ones!) – I was also already a big fan of the YSL Cassandre bag I wrote about earlier-, and liked not that many bags from other designers.

Do you have a favourite or favourite bag-designer?


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