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Industrial Revolution


 photo IMG_8746_zps94aa4c0a.jpg
 photo IMG_8747_zps8ac19bda.jpg
 photo IMG_8752_zps4505877c.jpg
 photo IMG_8793_zps64ad0250.jpg
 photo IMG_8800_zps4288e6e5.jpg
 photo IMG_8804_zps94713a15.jpg
 photo IMG_8805_zps09f7b402.jpg
 photo IMG_8807_zps5c6edd58.jpg

Entire outfit: Zara

Finally! A warm summer day hit our humble country that was flooded with rain and cold almost the WHOLE summer – except for the four weeks that I spent in China, of course that was the moment a ‘heatwave’ (we basically call all temperatures above 23 degrees that last for at least 4 hours a heatwave here) hit the Netherlands and while I was running around with a backpack over there, all my friends here went to the park and lay around the pool in bikini. Well chosen. Anyway, perfect day to finally wear my new Zara crop top (big, big fan), ’cause it requires kinda special weather: obviously, it can’t be too cold, well bare mid-riff is not my favourite choice then, and I don’t like it with anything that comes with a low-waist, since that’s a little too much belly-exposure for me. And … it also can’t be too warm (like in China), since well, grey and sleeves is just a horrible recipe if you just start sweating only a eenytiny bit. So, yes: I exploited our warm summer day to the fullest, to be now sitting inside in sweatpants again… So far for the Dutch summer 😉

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Author: Marle

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