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China week 2: Xi’an and Wuhan photo diary

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 photo IMG_7441_zpse477ec6d.jpg
 photo IMG_7463_zpsc91ffe0f.jpg
 photo IMG_7476_zps632629df.jpg
 photo IMG_7488_zpsed4d75fb.jpg
 photo IMG_7494-002_zps93798272.jpg
 photo IMG_7421_zpsb5bde9c1.jpg
 photo IMG_7515_zps55378682.jpg
 photo IMG_7519_zps822ad0e4.jpg

In Xi’an we once again did a LOT of park-hanging. The temperatures went up to around 40 degrees, and when you’re used to Dutch endless summers (as in: it rains all year long, and when the temperatures reach 20 degrees we are discussing heat-waves already) this is not the easiest thing to adjust to. So, to counteract this unDutch behavior, we decided we needed a bike 😉 We crossed on top of the Xi’an city wall (I can definitely recommend that! You can rent the bikes there) and discovered the financial/business part of the city at night, which was great. Until we had to find a place to dine again… again a little too late (everything was already closed), so we were forced upon the Pizza Hut.. Oh well, a little Italian after all.

Of course, we went to Xi’an to see the renown Terracotta Army. We didn’t book a tour (it’s super easy to just go there by bus and save a LOT), so we went there by bus and then tried to find the ticket office. This took us about an hour (Chinese logistics…), encountered a price far higher than expected (even with our student discount it was much higher than anything in Beijing), the ATM at the complex was closed, they told us this was the only one, but then we found another, which was closed as well. They kindly informed us that the nearest ATM – REAAAALLY CLOSE – was 3 kms away, for which we would need a taxi, and they did not accept either credit- or debit cards, Seriously, there are few moments in my life I was just só FURIOUS. We didn’t go. Oh well, they say it is super overrated anyway.

Wuhan is the city our Chinese friend lives. She took us to the kinda Chinese rivièra, two hours away from the city and dropped us in the breathtaking, enormous villa hotel above, with an amazing view from our room. We did Chinese karaoke with her and her friends in one of those large buildings completely dedicated to karaoke (I just love to sing Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, the Spice Girls and Britney Spears.. especially with a loud microphone so that the entire building can hear me ;)). Then we went to a Chinese supermarket (seriously, I love foreign supermarkets, it’s always só much fun to discover all the strange, different products they carry!), and we bought everything that sounded weird enough, to give it a try. We ended up with cucumber chips (mmm! Became a favorite! It was REALLY good), lobster, french fries, steak.. etc. chips (doubtful about those.. some were ok, though), weird jelly candies, and Oreo’s with strawberry, peach/grape, and birthday sprinkle fillings (I liked the latter and the strawberry ones). Good evening it was!


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