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China week 3: Hangzhou photo diary


 photo IMG_7523_zpsb806fd13.jpg
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 photo IMG_7954_zpsdd3f3cac.jpg
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 photo IMG_8023_zpsecd63ef5.jpg
 photo IMG_8036_zps0d2cc166.jpg
 photo IMG_8066_zps46d3f901.jpg
 photo IMG_8068_zps3f0ffb71.jpg
 photo IMG_8077_zps155af707.jpg
 photo IMG_8084_zps79902c2b.jpg
 photo IMG_8092_zps7e77768a.jpg
 photo IMG_8113_zps083b31ce.jpg
 photo IMG_8122_zpsba256430.jpg
 photo IMG_8123_zps4f14ebaf.jpg

I have one thing to say about Hangzhou: the sunsets around the West Lake are the best. Most of the photos, I actually took during rain/a thunderstorm, which you don’t really see, but it made the sunset look as spectacular as it did. We hang alot around the West Lake, read our books, enjoyed the sceneries and went to the West Lake Impression Show at night. This might sound a little cheesy to you, but I strongly recommend it. It was directed by the man who’s also behind the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and it was absolutely lovely.

Besides, we biked around in the mountains and visited the tea plantages there. They have a really good system of city bikes, you just have to shrink about 20 cms, to be able to fit on the mini-bikes with saddles on Chinese height (I mean, they are not very tall already, why, WHY, downgrade yourself by putting the saddle at the lowest possible stand???!) We also had some tea in the tea house around the corner from our hostel… the tea was delicious (go for Dragon Well Tea/Longjing Tea, which is the city’s specialty and which belongs to one of the best teas in China), and the teahouse, with all its small, cosy rooms and stairs makes it a really special activity.

Make sure you stay in the old town, our hostel was there, and we hardly spent any time in the real, modern city of Hangzhou. The old town is really characteristic and also very lively at night. The souvenirs are even great (I’m definitely not a fan, but here I had the tendency to be craving everything). It is a great place to walk around after dinner time.

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