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Feel Good Friday #4

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Favourite shoes – Nike Free 5.0
 photo IMG_9135_zps732e0383.jpg

They look awesome and enabled me to walk all the walks in China (and that, ladies and gentlemen, were QUITE a lot of walks, I tell you). Do I need to say more? Everyone loves Nike…

Favourite thing to realize – I lost weight in China!
Being a student – read drinking – and coming back from the States – read: finally access to all my favourite food and candies again – didn’t exactly serve my body that well. A forced food-rehab in China with a daily struggle of finding a decent place to have dinner, high temperatures that always manage to completely destroy my cravings for sweets and food (Holland NEEDS more of this weather), and our daily exercise of walking, walking and more walking made me lose weight! I hardly ever manage to do that back home, firstly because I’m anti-diet and more of a ‘live life to the fullest’ person, in which food definitely should play an important role for everyone.., and secondly because I choose not to obsess about it.. I don’t weigh myself: I simply look in the mirror everyday and decide whether I like what I see or not – and make sure to never ever have to size up. Anyway… I do plan on introducing myself a bit more in the world of organic/pure eating and exercising in general! More about that later!

Favourite project – Studying Italian
 photo italian_zps272dd8d4.jpg
Italian has always been one of my favourite foreign languages, it’s passionate and my family’s got some good friends from Italy which undoubtedly kinda biased my opinion 😉 My favourite holiday destination is Italy as well and I’ve spent quite some summers there. In high school, I always was too busy with other, required, languages such as German, French and Latin (and English, of course), so it wasn’t really the right moment to start studying such a similar language. Now, that background of Latin and the basics I learned from French and Spanish (during my bachelor’s), made it significantly easier to learn Italian. That, and the fact that I bought a book in Italian last summer when I was in Tuscany (Yeah.. I know.. but they were seriously lacking English books and I finished everything I brought..!), triggered me to FINALLY start studying! Luckily, Wikipedia’s course is helping me a lot…. Hopefully I can finish start reading that book soon.. :))

Favourite campaign – Daphne Groeneveld for Dior Addict
 photo daphnedior01_zps88004cc0.jpg

A little national pride is always a good thing, and we might wanna consider dividing our pride-feelings not only towards Doutzen Kroes, but share a little with Daphne Groeneveld. She was literally everywhere in China, and I must say that a little girl-crush grew on me, When I came back, I discovered that Dior launched a commercial for their Addict perfume last year, which is as equally amazing as the Miss Dior Chérie one which was directed by Sofia Coppola (one of my favourite movie directors!).

Favourite bargain – H&M navajo sweater

 photo HampMtrui_zps09f2d1ad.jpg

Loved this Isabel Marant-inspired sweater from the beginning! When I received an email from H&M promoting a 50% sale on selected items, I found, to my surprise, that this item from the fall collection was on promotion too! Didn’t think twice 😉


Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

One thought on “Feel Good Friday #4

  1. ahh I love the Dior campaign! that’s my favorite!
    Emma xx

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