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China week 4: Guilin

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 photo IMG_8168_zps587c2258.jpg
 photo IMG_8171_zpsae3cdb99.jpg
 photo IMG_8172_zps504436a6.jpg
 photo IMG_8173_zpsc444cb68.jpg
 photo IMG_8174_zps6b9a9dc1.jpg
 photo IMG_8175_zps82143f8f.jpg
 photo IMG_8178_zps8cdeddac.jpg
 photo IMG_8198_zps2ef65b28.jpg
 photo IMG_8202_zps95beec96.jpg
 photo IMG_8182_zpsc85429cf.jpg

 photo IMG_8212_zpsa33092f9.jpg
 photo IMG_8229_zpsb6a94635.jpg
 photo IMG_8233_zpsb1cd5f32.jpg
 photo IMG_8237_zps32ce22da.jpg
 photo IMG_8242_zps87566515.jpg
 photo IMG_8244_zps5efe10d6.jpg
 photo IMG_8249_zps74df77b2.jpg
 photo IMG_8250_zps25a6776c.jpg
 photo IMG_8256_zpsc521c099.jpg
 photo IMG_8258_zpsd69e9b87.jpg
 photo IMG_8296_zps4b9247cf.jpg
 photo IMG_8298_zps4a175566.jpg
 photo IMG_8301_zps252d79f5.jpg
 photo IMG_8306_zps6976ca0a.jpg
 photo IMG_8309_zps96590c55.jpg
 photo IMG_8310_zps110588e3.jpg
 photo IMG_8327_zps8b132a10.jpg
 photo IMG_8332_zpsa6b1bb2c.jpg
 photo IMG_8344_zps3f4e91dd.jpg
 photo IMG_8350_zpsb4208e1d.jpg
 photo IMG_8353_zpsde060d72.jpg
 photo IMG_8365_zps34b1bd11.jpg
 photo IMG_8368_zpsdda8bb74.jpg
 photo IMG_8374_zps08b7c791.jpg
 photo IMG_8381_zps4dbf4194.jpg
 photo IMG_8389_zps11c64e2f.jpg
 photo IMG_8390_zps149644ab.jpg
 photo IMG_8391_zps625911ab.jpg

Not that we spent the entire 4th week in Guiling only, no – we saw so many beautiful things, that I didn’t have space left for the Hong Kong photos in this post, haha. So I’ll upload them in a seperate post 🙂 We expected Guilin itself as a small town, which it is according to Chinese standards.. Nothing close to the truth: there live 6 million people there!

Therefore, after the first day on which we visited the rice terraces and another tea plantage + AMAZING ceremony where she showed us all different ways to make tea, according to which tea it is (black, green, white, fruits..), we decided to go to nearby Yangshuo the other two days. This truly was a much smaller town, close to the Li river on which we did a bamboo boat tour, and we rented some mountainbikes to cross around the breathtaking scenery with rocky mountains and hills. I think this might be my favourite place in China! (Together with Hong Kong which is great..).


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