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LIST | Things I learned this week

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  • This is the 21st century. Not the 22nd, that means: installing Internet in your new home takes up to a 3 week minimum, not 3 hours.
  • Roommates get moody when there is no Internet.
  • A large living room stimulates the creative brain. We’ve thought of all sorts of things transform it into, a cinema, ballet studio, tennis court, cart course… But, until you’ve decided you can always use it for new bike test-rides.
  • When there’s no light, it’s dark after sunset. REAL DARK. Like real, real, REAL dark.
  • When there’s no wifi, chances are that you get bored. You know. Which makes you move to public wifi spaces like lunch rooms where you spend all your money.
  • Ikea doesn’t sell salad bowls for 5 euros in the ‘best buy area’ (koopjeshoek), it’s more likely to be some super futuristic lamp/punch bowl with lights in it that run on solar energy. And yes, that’s why it comes with a manual, not because people might need a manuel to use a salad bowl, no. And yes, it’s too bad if you only realise that when you’re already on the subway back home. Come to my place for the most fancy salads ever, this year.
  • One evening of over-enthusiastic cheerleading WILL, I repeat, WILL DEFINITELY, cause painful and stiff muscles. For at least 4 days. Oh, and that twisted knee? Just because it didn’t hurt much anymore that night because you took Ibuprofen, doesn’t mean it won’t get any worse the xxxxzillion days after. Just so you know.
  • There’s such a thing as a limit of your bank account.
  • When you give a speech in front of 200+ people at a party, just keep it short. And don’t drink too much in advance. Not the best recipe for success.
  • In regard to the previous comment: don’t get over-confident when dressed as a cheerleader.
  • At the ninth floor they know mosquito-plagues too. What about it?! I highly suspect them to INCREASE in size with every additional floor.
  • Surfboards are for on the water only, and for storage in a garage. Trying to get it up nine-high just to make a side-table out of it, isn’t always smart.. especially not before checking its measurements and the ones of your elevator…
  • Just because an object doesn’t fit in the elevator, doesn’t immediately mean that it WILL fit around the corners of the staircase. We had to open each and every individual door at each corner in order to manouvre the surfboard around it…. I guess I’ll just throw it out of the window when we’re moving out at the end of the year….

Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

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