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Feel Good Friday #5

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Favourite accomplishment – Getting a surfboard for our appartment
 photo feelgoodfriday01_zps535eba89.jpg

Yeah, yeah… I know: maybe I’ve talked enough about this surfboard by now. But stilll…. it was a tough work-out πŸ˜‰

Favourite movie – The Lone Ranger
 photo feelgoodfriday02_zpsef44cdcd.jpg

I saw this movie with my brother and dad in the cinema some weeks ago, and it’s sΓ³ super funny! It is much like Pirates of the Caribbean but then without all the surreal monsters etc., so: a better version of Pirates. And who can resist a Johnny Depp movie? Definitely a recommendation!!

Favourite snack – donuts from the subwaystation
 photo IMG_9142_zpsb34f9249.jpg

Yea… the fact that I discovered this small shop at the ‘Beurs’ subway station, I think I’m not going to be able to carry out my initial idea of getting in shape this year. I mean: have you ever seen better donuts?!! Oh.. and they have bagels too… and let that be exactly my weak spot/guilty pleasure….. Shit.

Favourite moment – sunrise from our appartment
 photo IMG_9147_zps60980889.jpg

When I woke up at a quarter to 8 yesterday morning, this is what I saw from my window. After snapping a rather crappy photo with my phone (see the evidence on Instagram), I jumped out of my bed to go get my camera. Maybe I should get up rather early more often…

Favourite song – Dear Darling by Olly Murs

Seriously, I loooove this song. If I’d have an Internet connection at home, it would for sure be on repeat πŸ˜‰


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