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Favourites from the new H&M collection

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 photo hmfavourites01_zpsfdce3a93.png
 photo hmfavourites02_zps8f5e423d.png

The new H&M collection is amazing!! In previous seasons, the only reason I still paid the H&M store a visit, was because of their Trend collection (which I LOVE). However, this year, whereas Zara continuously disappoints me (never thought that was possible, actually), I even like many items from their regular collection. In the collage above, you see two items from the Paris Runway collection, which is almost completely sold out yet, and of which the prices are far higher than usual. But oh.. it’s beautiful.

I also really like the navajo/Isabel Marant-inspired sweater, which I actually ordered (but the order got cancelled, since I always have so much trouble with my H&M accounts… omg.. IRRITATIONS!). Anyway, love the sweater, it looks really good on both jeans shorts as regular jeans, I think. The velvet-like jacket is really nice in real life, if you still had your doubts after seeing it here. Looks really good on some vintage Levi’s shorts… And then, the quilted skirt: I love it! I only still need to try it on to check whether I don’t look like a misplaced, muffin-version of a fairytale character then. Otherwise I’ll def. take it 😉

The underwear collection is also really good right now, nonetheless… most of it is unavailable online, and in stores they hardly ever sell my size. Can I cry now?

Do you have any favourites? 🙂


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