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3 amazing new H&M collections (Isabel Marant pour H&M!)

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If there’s any brand that is doing a terrific job this year, and that deserves to be in the spotlights over and over again it’s H&M! I already loved the regular autumn collection (that’s a first in years), their Trend collection even more, and now they released some more breathtaking items and collections. Yes, I know my last post was about them as well, but honestly: I could just not NOT show you these items. What’s your favourite item/collection?!

 photo HampMIM1_zpsed747810.png
 photo HampMIM2_zps31315027.png
Finally! The images from Isabel Marant’s collection for H&M are out, and I’ve never been more enthousiastic about any designer-highstreet collection before! Where even the Maison Martin Margiela one wasn’t really something for me, I gave up a bit on those collaborations, to be honest… but this just really is a true IM collection for – hopefully – affordable prices (since we don’t know anything about that yet). For all photos, you can check out this link!
 photo HampMtrend2_zps16e7e0ca.png
 photo HampMTrend3_zps0bf7dfbf.png
I am a huge fan of the Trend collection (whenever I don’t buy at Zara, I’m for sure shopping here. This fall the regular collection was already really good, but the Trend collection beats it all. Here are some of my favourites (I secretly already bought the blue sweater :))… What do you think?
 photo HampMminju_zps020f7cb0.png

Lastly, another collaboration I had not heard of, to be honest… I just came across those photos when checking out the press image gallery. When I googled Minju Kim’s name, though, I remembered: she won the H&M design award! And seriously: I AM A FAN! It is super Asian, but in a really amazing way: big knits and cute candy colours: perfectly harmonized with the current trends 😉 And to be honest: don’t we all need some light blue and baby pink in our winter wardrobes just for the days that are a little too dark and depressing? 🙂


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