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Feel Good Friday #7


Favourite event – Commercial Break at Unilever

Thursday night, after my exam, I went to the Commercial Break at Unilever, organised by the marketing association of the Erasmus university. It’s basically a night to honour advertising, with speakers from strong, creative companies like Unilever (the host) and advertising agencies. We watched many successful and funny commercials of the past year, but the one above was among the best, in my opinion!

Favourite shopping – Teddy Sweater
 photo fri03_zpse3958f59.jpg

I just LOVE the comfortable fall fashion we have this year. I can’t wait to stack my closet with a zillion of super soft teddy sweaters and decided to celebrate the start of the hot-tea–on-the-couch-season with my first treasure. A bright coral one from the lovely Belgium webshop Liza & Lola. Unfortunately, the delivery company missed my mom twice, and decided to bring my package to a random city half an hour drive away.. but even that doesn’t kill the joy. I say: teddy, Nike’s, tregging: and I’m good to go this season. Fuck high heels (yes, I really just said that).

Favourite brand – H&M
 photo fri04_zpsd379bf6d.jpg
No further explanation needed I assume? Isabel Marant, Trend, Minju Kim.. They deserve a spotlight this week. Gimme more please!

Favourite icecream – Magnum Crème Brulée
 photo fri02_zpsb9dcd1f1.png
I love company presentations, especially from brands like Unilever :)) Their goodybags and food/drinks during the event are just too good. Especially the mini Magnums we got were so delicious, I couldn’t resist. Hopefully, this is not the beginning of a new addiction… 😉

Favourite movie – The Bling Ring
 photo fri01_zps7b82fe2e.jpg
I wanted to see this movie for a while.. partially because I love Sofia Coppola’s work (Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette, but also the wonderful Miss Dior Chérie commercials), but also since the story is rather fascinating. A group of LA-based teenagers, bored.. looking for some excitement in the form of breaking-in in celebrity houses mansions. Paris Hilton simply hid her key under the doormat (yes, réally), and only mentioned something was missing after the 6th break-in, but also Lindsay Lohan was a victim when she was away for yet another rehab session. I love Sofia’s signature and oh.. did I mention Emma Watson’s in it? And that she sounds EXACTLY like Hermione in the first couple of Harry Potter movies? Oh sweet nostalgia… too good to miss 😉


Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

2 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday #7

  1. OMG that magnum looks delicious. And as for the Bling Ring – you must watch it! It is so good 🙂


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