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Take me back.. China week 4: Hong Kong photo diary



 photo IMG_8396_zps8ba66e05.jpg
 photo IMG_8399_zps8165121c.jpg
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 photo IMG_8402_zpsdea41c29.jpg
 photo IMG_8404_zps24c95caa.jpg
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 photo IMG_8418_zpsf6eebe4b.jpg
 photo IMG_8419_zps7ce91de2.jpg
 photo IMG_8420_zps2efc0e0c.jpg
 photo IMG_8421_zps0406e087.jpg
 photo IMG_8423_zps8e758b5d.jpg
 photo IMG_8424_zpsaa77fea3.jpg
 photo IMG_8427_zps57cd72d5.jpg
 photo IMG_8428_zps561ef746.jpg
 photo IMG_8429_zps55dfd4a1.jpg
 photo IMG_8462_zps7cadf35f.jpg
 photo IMG_8436_zpse09bdbe8.jpg
 photo IMG_8455_zpsc0feac4a.jpg
 photo IMG_8463_zps2a26c4c8.jpg
 photo IMG_8447_zps22b969b0.jpg
 photo IMG_8465_zps4e2f5047.jpg
 photo IMG_8470_zps73709467.jpg
 photo IMG_8471_zps94b673bc.jpg
 photo IMG_8473_zps94a57831.jpg
 photo IMG_8476_zps00247eb0.jpg

I just can’t get enough of big cities. They give me such a rush, inspiration and motivation. I love exploring them and to find the things the locals like. After New York, it was difficult for any city to excel that, at least in terms of skyscrapers, skylines and lights. But well.. being the most vertical city in the world, Hong Kong kinda managed to do that. While I still like New York City better for its attractions and restaurants (and maybe also the atmosphere), I must say that the skyline and beautiful surroundings (bays. beaches, mountains… ❤ All a real tropical paradise) of Hong Kong are just a bit better, haha.

We went up on Victoria Peak by tram (really cool!) around 5 and stayed there to see the sunset and the city at night. Then we wanted to walk down the mountain to a bus station somewhere halfway (we got that tip from a few Dutch guys we met in the hostel in Hangzhou).. However, we kinda took the wrong way and ended up hiking in the dark (REALLY SUPER DARK), small path which was only accessible for pedestrians, down the mountain towards the city. Pretty scary, since we needed to use our phones to even see the path (and hurray for Google Maps, I must say.. It kinda saved our lives then), through the jungle (hahaha, it really felt like it), but also REALLY cool! Still, I was pretty relieved when we made it to the city alive. 😉

A really nice tip we got from a friend who studied in Hong Kong for a semester was the Wooloo Mooloo Steakhouse with a sky lounge on top of a skyscraper in the middle of the city: a truly amazing experience!

The last day (we spent 4 days in HK), we went to the other side of the islands, where the bays and beaches are. This was absolutely stunning. We got a tip from a British expat we met on the streets, to take a regular bus (I believe it was 6), and sit upstairs.. which actually is the same as a tourbus, but then waaaay cheaper. Unfortunately, we are not really used to UV indexes around 11, so only 1 hour in the sun and some relaxing in the shade gave us an insane sunburn. Totally unintended and kinda unexpected, since we used sunscreen and went out of the sun on time – or that’s what we thought… It wasn’t a really nice experience to have to sit around 14 hours in a plane seat with your butt and back burned, I can say…. Anyway, if you go to Stanley beach, make sure you go to The Cave in Stanley for a delicious frozen yogurt and super good salads!


Author: Marle

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3 thoughts on “Take me back.. China week 4: Hong Kong photo diary

  1. wonderful pictures !!

  2. Hong koong ♡. Zou graag weer er heen gaan haha, zoveel leuke goedkope kleding ^^. En weijo, in het donker nog helemaal naar beneden gaan lopen o_o

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