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The CHCO Company experience.. I am a chocoholic?

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When I saw the invite in my inbox with a tagline called ‘the old shopaholics become the new chocoholics’ it got all my attention immediately. I mean: Marle and chocolate could be synonyms for each other. And, really, which girl couldn’t say the same? Secretly, we are all a little obsessed by those mouth watering objects that always help us through the dark days of the winter, the sad days that come with romances and stupid men, the Bridget Jones moments in life, the girls nights… any moment really 🙂

Anyway, yesterday I hopped on a train to Amsterdam with a friend for some serious chocolate treatments in their bar/store. CHCO Company became famous for their chocolate spoons, which you dip in hot milk so that it becomes hot chocolate. A super fun and lovely concept, which I personally love! The spoons come in an unbelievably large amount of flavours (glühwein, strawberry pink pepper, apfelstrudel, cookie coconut…. You can check them out yourself here), and are accompanied by delicious sweets ranging from pie, bonbons, chocolate bars, chocolate spread for on the bread, and…. dips for choco fondue (packed in paint-cans, how cool!)! How can you not love a company like this?

I realise that all this sounds much like a sponsored post since I am over enthusiastic, but really, I assure you it’s all just triggered by the happiness-hormones activated by an overdose of chocolate :))

The barristas helped us with so much love and compassion, which made it all just a little more special. I went for the hot chili and orange spoon and my friend for the cookie coconut one. Both accompanied by a super large piece of the raspberry pie (ever since I have a raspberry desktop background I notice I can’t resist raspberries in literally ANYTHING). I didn’t expect the flavour to be as intense as it was, as if I was drinking a southern version of our modest Dutch hot chocolate. It was really, really good.. my favourite before I even tried more, haha.

Not unimportant: for suckes as me, the catchy phrases and names on all products are to die for as well. The barristas shirt asks you ‘How he can choc you’ and the brown paper bags are printed with Put the chocolate in the bag and nobody gets hurt’Yes, they really got me with that 😉

Good to know: also for some coffee, the CHCO company will not disappoint you!

There are stores/bars in The Netherlands, Germany and Poland (for locations click here), so if you’re ready to be choc’ed, stop by there! You will for sure be spoiled for life; no normal hot choc will do anymore 😉

Thank you, CHCO company for this great experience and all the delicious products. They come to good use and will be handled with all the love they deserve :))


Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

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