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Feel Good Friday #9

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Favourite movie scenes – Chicago

I never really heard about the movie Chicago, but when Netflix suggested it for me, I decided to give it a shot πŸ™‚ And it was GREAT! My favourite songs are the ‘cell block tango’ and ‘we both reached for the gun’.. Sorry if I spoiled it now, for you guys… but watching it twice makes it even more fun πŸ˜‰ (I’ve seen it three times already in 1 week.. hmm ;))

Favourite Wishlist Item – Kiss The Boys And Make Them Cry shirt

 photo kiss_zpsc5d69c74.jpg

I came across this shirt from A Question Of, and couldn’t help but loving it. I mean; how BAD ASS is this shirt?!

Favourite drink – Chili and orange hot chocolate from the CHCO Company

 photo IMG_9621_zps102c60a6.jpg

I’ll stop talking about this after today; promiss. But it was just SO good πŸ™‚ I know what my guilty pleasure will be this season…

Favourite achievement – Becoming a committee member

I love doing extra things besides my studies (I’ve always done so), and this year (since I’m doing my masters) will be a last chance to do so. I got appointed for the function of external relations coordinator for the international research project. We will be organizing a research trip to several countries where we will conduct research with a number of participants πŸ™‚ I bet it’s gonna be awesome!

Favourite to read – the new Bridget Jones!

 photo bridget_zpscf02dff2.jpg

I was so excited when I heard the new Bridget Jones (Mad About the Boy) was released, and hurried to the American Book Center in Amsterdam… However, it was a bit overpriced there, so I think I’ll just buy it online. Can’t wait, though! Those books/movies are just instant feel-good material..!


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Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

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