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Feel Good Friday #10

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Favourite buy – Teddy sweater Liza & Lola

 photo friday1802_zps497f8012.jpg

Since one of my friends came back from a trip to Antwerp with a super soft, dark blue teddy sweater, I’ve been ‘stealing’ it several times when I was there and felt cold, or just to cuddle it a bit. As Agnes would say: IT’S SO FLUFFAYYYY. And so it happened that I clicked my own ‘so fluffy I’m gonna die’-sweater home from Liza&Lola: a bright pink one! And the best part? I receive countless hugs every time I wear it 🙂

Favourite thing to look forward to – Roaring 20s party

 photo friday1803_zps3714de36.jpg

It started with the movie “Midnight in Paris”, then came the amazing “The Great Gatsby” and recently also “Chicago”; my love for the twenties keeps getting bigger! And now one of the student committees here at the Erasmus University organizes a party totally inspired on the big, astonishing parties mr Jay Gatsby is known for. Well, that’s promising! I’m totally brainstorming about the perfect outfit since I heard about it yesterday!! So excited 😀

Favourite celeb outfit – Gwen Stefani at the Performing Arts opening gala

 photo friday1801_zps54ce8c9a.jpg

20s, platina blonde hair, tassels… that calls for an amazing shot!

Favourite song – The Groningen University alumni song

Cheesy, corny… yes all of that. Nonetheless… I think it’s so true: every Groningen University alumni (or any student that lived in the city) misses the city like crazy. Oh, Groningen I love you.

Favourite obsession – Nike x Liberty Rainbow

 photo friday1804_zpsbb5a1514.png

Seriously, why, WHY WHY WHY, do I find out about those shoes RIGHT NOW?! Now that they are completely, unrevokably, sold out in my size EVERYWHERE (yes, even on the American Nike website where they seem to be selling everything imaginaeble for much more reasonable prices). Well ok, maybe the fact that I hid in China the entire summer due to some a back-to-basics kind of backpacking fling might have something to do with it. But still…. can’t find peace in the fact that I simply won’t be able to find those anymore if I’m not willing to pay double the price for some pairs that Ebay locates in Hong Kong 😦


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