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Feel Good Friday #11

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Favourite youtube moment – Holland’s Got Talent

I am quite sure most Dutchies have seen this incredibly talented young girl by now, but I still wanted to share it with everyone here. It’s one of the most surprising auditions ever, I think!!

Favourite mascara – Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme
 photo feelgoodfriday02_zps6d65e674.jpg

I’ve always had problems with mascaras… At the end of the day, I always came home from school with a black layer under my eyes. I decided to go find a really good one at the perfumery, and ended up with the Estée Lauder Sumptuous mascara, which I have been using for years and years, since. When I wanted to get a new one, a couple of weeks ago, they didn’t have the great packages with remover and eye cream anymore.. only with the updated version of my favourite mascara…. The lady in the store was so kind to let me try the new one, and I must say: this one is even better! More dramatic, I’d say.. it makes my lashes super long! ❤

Favourite theory – Avocado theory from the Man Repeller
 photo feelgoodfriday03_zps7da11ef0.jpg

My friends and I always have a dozen of theories about men and their behavior (yep, analyzing everything to death), but I must admit we never beat the ones from the Man Repeller! This is one of my favourites, and SO true!!

Favourite thing to do – Halloween slumber party!
 photo feelgoodfriday04_zpsdb36e4b2.jpg

As I said, my Halloween was amazing last year.. when I was in the States. Obviously, nothing could top that, yesterday.. especially not in the country that hardly celebrates Halloween.. Thus, me and my friends who went to the States with me decided to have a Halloween slumber party: pajamas on, popcorn and wine at hand and a scary movie (with all the lights off!), to scare us to death. To increase the Halloween/USA feeling, we had delicious American pancakes for breakfast this morning 🙂

Favourite wishlist item – Embellished leather jacket from Maison Scotch
 photo feelgoodfriday01_zps6c28b0bc.jpg

I am looking for the perfect black leather jacket.. which is not as easy as I thought it would be! This one is definitely not basic (and therefore… I actually shouldn’t go for it, since I think I really need a basic one first), but OH EM GEE, it’s sooo pretty!!


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