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Feel Good Friday #12 (One day late..)

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Favourite Facebook Page – Humans of New York
 photo feelgoodfriday03_zpseb4dcb40.png

I know that everyone probably have known the Humans of New York (and all equivalents in other cities) for a long time, and so did I. I just never really looked at it. But oh.. since I did that again last week, and clicked the like-button, I am sold. I just love the great photography of strangers and the personal stories and quotes published with it. People that you’d otherwise pass by either without really noticing them or wondering about what their live would look like are now focused on and HONY offers you a small glimpse into what their life’s like… So great!

Favourite playlist – Totale Escalatie by Gebroeders Scooter

This playlist… could best be described as ‘Proud to be fout’ (proud to be ‘off’). It was sent to me by one of my best friends, and is a truly good playlist right before hitting the city as it definitely brings you into the party-mood 😉

Favourite accomplishment – Finally finding a table for our appartment!
 photo feelgoodfriday01_zps487c3fea.png
Since we are decorating our appartment while on a TIGHT budget (we’re probably only gonna live here for one year), but still want the place to feel more like home, we’ve been searching on marktplaats.nl (like Craigslist and Ebay) for mainly all our furniture. We’ve got a real leather sofa for free (!!) a surf board (see here) that we use as a sidetable for free as well, but were still having all our dinners on the couch.. And studied on the couch.. And had official meetings with my committee.. on the couch… In short: I was practically living on our couch for the past two months, which is not very productive, I can tell you. Anyway, we finally found a table that we liked for a price we liked (liked a lot: the new price was 300 euros and we got it for 30!! Ding, ding, ding), and it’s really gorgeous! It was quite heavy, so bringing it home (walking and with the tram!) was not much of a party, however… from now on we’ll be having dinner at a table!

Favourite wishlist item – Prada S/S ’14 sunnies
 photo feelgoodfriday02_zpsb6c65a48.png
Last Thursday, I went to the pressday of Fuse Communication in Amsterdam. The new S/S collections were all gorgeous, but especially the sunglasses stunned me. They represent a.o. Ray Ban, Dolce & Gabbana, VOGUE eyewear, and Persol.. but as always especially the Prada sunnies stunned me. These two-toned red ones won’t leave me alone with my thoughts anymore…

Favourite Song – Piano Man by Billy Joel

Been listening and singing this non-stop since last week’s Piano Man outfit post 😉 Oh well, it is a REALLY good song after all.


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One thought on “Feel Good Friday #12 (One day late..)

  1. Leuk om te zien! En ahh dat nummer blijft echt zó prachtig ❤

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