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Isabel Marant for H&M… My top favourites



 photo isabelmarant_zps041fcafd.jpg
Glitter pants €199 | Sweater €99 | shoes €199 | cardigan €129 | leather pants €249 | jacket €299 | red pants €99 | cardigan €129

So… one of the most discussed H&M designer collaborations so far is finally hitting the stores tomorrow. About time to have another close look at favourites and possible buys..

Although I always get super excited about those collabs, strangely enough, I have never ever bought anything from a collection.  Not true, I must confess I was too weak to resist this jacket that causes poor visibility for everyone who stares a second too long, probably wondering what the hell that girl’s wearing. Well, what can I say.. I think I secretly couldn’t resist to own ‘something’ Versace when I saw it on super sale.. Weak, weak moment. Anyway, these days, the Versace jacket only leaves the bottom of my closet on those days I can only bear the soft (how come that the ugliest clothes surprisingly often are the most comfy we own??) treatment.

Anyway, I do not think I will actually buy something from this collection either, maybe on sale.. because yes, it is still not really within my budget (I must confess I don’t even HAVE a budget at the moment..). Nonetheless, I do like the collection, though. Ok, there are some items that makes me wonder Nevermind, that I don’t really like. The items above would be perfect adds to my fall wardrobe: big knits (I’m still a sucker for teddy-like clothes), a sparkle here and there, and leathers are always a win (especially now that my favourite black leather pants is starting to rip… :'()

What are your favourites? Are you planning on buying something?

Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

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