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Bits of life – last spring edition

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 photo all01_zps81dcc6b3.jpg
 photo all07_zps3db4ab58.jpg
 photo all08_zpse228425b.jpg
 photo all18_zps07c96c4c.jpg
 photo all23_zps47547a8c.jpg
 photo all09_zpsc3532b1a.jpg
 photo all10_zps5255ce6c.jpg
 photo all11_zpsd6f61a5f.jpg
 photo all12_zpsc46a701e.jpg
 photo all13_zps2315b168.jpg
 photo all14_zpse3bfc855.jpg
 photo all16_zpsc2b60760.jpg
 photo all17_zpsce150f51.jpg
 photo all15_zpscc1e7816.jpg
 photo all19_zps5aad95b7.jpg
 photo all22_zps81669853.jpg
 photo all20_zpsd4f1ce00.jpg

I love capturing random moments in my life.. a photograph can make such a moment look so much more special or really capture that current mood. Here are some photos I snapped last spring, when I woke up to the first real sunshine of the season. The moment I just NEEDED to open the window and smell that typical ‘it’s going to be a wonderful, warm day’-smell.. When my roommates and I decided we just NEEDED to have breakfast on a terrace (breakfast included apple pie), even though none of us had any money left on our accounts.. And when I studied in the park or in the window sill with my bare legs dangling outside the window. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment to the fullest. Oh.. and the last photo was the dress I wore to the Neonsplash party, last spring. A party where everyone’s supposed to wear white and where paint cannons and other people simply colorbomb you.., which was a blast!

I’ll soon upload a series of photos from my life that’s a little more appropriate for the season 😉

Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

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