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London Trouble-story


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So… I always describe myself as a very flexible person, that performs really well under stress (actually, my mom even believes I have some serious brain damage that prevents me from feeling stress – hence, all the last-minute acts..). Anyhow, that problem seemed to be completely solved over the last week.

As I told you before, I had an exam on Thursday morning, and my master thesis supervisor planned our first 3-hour session the evening before. For that, I was supposed to already have read like a zillion articles, and if there’s anything I’m not good at it’s 1) reading scientific articles, and 2) concentrating on two very large, equally important tasks simultaneously (apparently I miss that woman-gen as well).

So, I hardly slept during the first 3 nights of the week and expected it to get all better as soon as my exam would be over. Unfortunately, then the acquisition process of my committee started AND my thesis supervisor decided that we could definitely handle another 30+ scientific articles and writing the entire introduction and problem statement. Sure, no problem. If it wouldn’t be for my de-stressing after-exam London weekend + Imagine Dragons concert that was planned for over 6 months ago already and was not supposed to be a problem since I’d just have had a final exam.
Lucky me. So, yesterday, after having run errands (on my hurting shoes….) AND having printed for 10 euros of articles at the local copy shop, I jumped upon the train to Friesland, where my friend lives since we were supposed to give a presentation at my old university about studying abroad today. Well, I was so proud of myself for having everything organised SO well… something just HAD to go wrong.

And indeed. The presentation went fabulous, was it not for the fact that we realised shortly after that since our flight was re-scheduled to very early in the morning, we wouldn’t be able to get at the airport in time since the public transport wouldn’t be running that early yet. OMG. Ok, I called my dad, he was willing to drive us there (thanks dad!! <3).. part of the problem solved (imagine, I was already super stressed-out because of the whole lot that I have to do for my thesis, and hadn’t had a decent night of sleep for the entire week)… Of course, some tears couldn’t be avoided.

Ok. Relax, think, be flexible. Off to Rotterdam straight after the meeting (2.5 hours by train…), go pack my bags, go back to Apeldoorn (1.5 hours), meet my friends there, sleep, get up, off to the airport and be happy. When I was on the train for about half an hour, I realised my keys were still at my friend’s place. My roomies were out of town this weekend, so no other key available.. My entirely packed suitcase + all the things I bought especially for the trip + MY PHOTOCAMERA are still there. So. Luckily I brought my passport, otherwise I’d have been SO screwed.

But yeah.. still… that thesis needs to be written on a laptop. Oh, love my life.


Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

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