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London day 1

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After all the stress and trouble with my suitcase on Saturday, and after my brother woke us up in the middle of the night when he came back from the city with all kinds of swear words because we were sleeping in his bed (hahaha, sorry! It was the only one big enough to fit us three), we flew to London… Our friend that we met in the States came to pick us up from the airport (perfect!), after which he took us to Britain’s largest shopping mall, since I had to buy underwear and socks…. ’cause of course I didn’t have any with me because of the suitcase-problem.

I went to Gilly Hicks for underwear (it’s from Abercrombie and Fitch… really cute!) and to the Primark for socks (and a Christmas sweater!!), but I had forgotten for a moment about my bag…. “What’s with her bag?” – I hear you thinking. Well.. my bag activates literally EVERY single alarm in EVERY single store. Whether I walk in or out. So, well.. that was fun in what’s ‘the biggest shopping mall in Britain”. Yeah. When I walked outside Victoria’s Secret, the alarm ring, and the security officer came towards me.. I explained the story and he offered to thoroughly check my bag and find the thingy that makes me look like thief every single time. So… he brought me an enormous VS shopping bag, in which I could dump all my stuff (seriously, everything I brought from the Netherlands since we hadn’t been to our hostel yet). We talked a bit about the Netherlands (all jokes about marihuana etc included) and somehow it ended up with all of us not being able to stop laughing, haha. Super funny, although he didn’t manage to solve the problem, unfortunately…

Afterwards, we dumped our stuff at our hostel, which was really nice and so super English. Lovely. We love staying at hostels since it’s such a nice opportunity to meet new, often super interesting people and of course because it’s often cheaper than a hotel. And you know… I can stay in hotels all my life, hostels is really something you can only do in your twenties.

We then went to see Buckingham Palace and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park where I had the most delicious hot chocolate ever ❤ I kinda photoshopped the snow in, in one of the photos… just because it looked too good (sorry, haha, couldn’t resist). It was great to just walk around there and enjoy the lovely holidays-atmosphere.. I love that so much when I’m abroad, in Holland it just always seems to be less excessive.

We got tired of all the walking so decided to take the subway towards the more affordable Soho to have dinner there. Thomas took us to a super British pub where we had cider and, as he told us, THE typical dinner for Sundays: roast dinner. Both were really nice, according to Thomas the roast dinner even was the best one he ever had in a restaurant. After this we crossed the street to jump into a cocktail bar where, apparently, a lot of students come. On Sundays, you get the second cocktail for free, so… needless to say, we had ‘a few’. I had a Rude Boy (really nice), Blueberry Muffin (seriously, it really tasted like that! Delicious!!), a Sex on the Beach and another peachy one. A little too late we heard that the Oreo icecream cocktail was really good as well… a good reason to come back some time!

Hot spots of the day:

Gilly Hicks
Underwear in Abercrombie and Fitch style

The White Ferry House
Our hostel: excellent location (not in the center, but only a few stops with the subway), really British, and not too expensive (about 11 euros per person per night).

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park
Close to Buckingham Palace, so perfect to combine is Hyde Park. During this time of the year they turned it into Winter Wonderland with sweets, other food, small presents and drinks like glühwein and hot chocolate.

The Lyric
Super British pub in SoHo, a real British pub with great cider and roast dinner. Click here for their website.

Be At One
Cocktailbar chain (we were at the one across the street from The Lyric. Click here for their website.


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