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Feel Good Friday #14 – London Edition

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Favourite atmosphere – Nostalgic holidays in London
 photo london11_zpsff11ee11.jpg
 photo london19_zps523967ec.jpg
What I loved the most were the Christmas songs that were being played in all the stores, the overall holidays vibe that seemed to thrill the people and the city and the nostalgic feeling that came with all of this. That feeling was also triggered by the fact that London kind of seems to have managed to stay a really ‘old-fashioned’ modern city: the classic buses, payphones, buildings and the fact that some men were yelling “Evening Standard! Evening Standard” at the entrance of the underground at Oxford Circus at night…. Oh how I loved that!

Favourite drink – Gingerbread Latte and Cider

 photo london50_zpsdeac4baf.jpg

Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks…….. is THE replacement of my super favourite Pumpkin Spice Latte. Unfortunately, I found out they don’t have it here in the Netherlands 😦 And of course, the sparkling cider we had at the pub in Soho was also really good!

Favourite bar – Be at One

 photo feelgood2902_zps8c500c09.jpg

I think I made it clear anough already, but yeah, this bar was awesome. Lots of students, the bartenders wearing onesies, everybody exploding on Ylvis’s What Does the Fox Say, and of course.. countless of super delicious cocktails. Sex and the City but then student-wise. Really.

Favourite way to spend the evening – Go to an event

 photo feelgood2901_zpsbd8e33d9.jpg
 photo london77_zpsff5091c4.jpg

Both our Monday and Tuesday evening were spent kind of randomly, each in their own way. Tuesday, of course, was the concert day. I mean, we said it several times to each other: how cool is it that we’re actually just doing this? Just fly to London to attend a concert you really want to see, fuck the system, haha. I think people really should do it more often, for us it was a blast. And Monday… we just decided we’d like to see a musical, went to the box office to ask which musicals would be performed that night (we were really hoping for Dirty Dancing), and went there to buy tickets like 10 minutes before the start of the show. Even though I’d actually had to spend the evening on writing the introduction for my thesis, whoops.

Favourite song – What Does the Fox Say?

My roomie and I did some kinda weird dances on this one already… I mean: it’s just too funny. Who ever can make a song about the sound a fox makes (or rather: doesn’t make)!? When it was on at Be at One, last Monday, seriously everyone exploded and started dancing and singing and making all kinds of weird noises and moves. I LOVED IT. My roomie and I are seriously considering to throw a #whatdoesthefoxsay party sometime after our ugly christmas sweater party, haha!

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