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London day 2 (part I)


 photo london27_zps28e3fd10.jpg
 photo london28_zps1a314f36.jpg
 photo london29_zps4873f358.jpg
 photo london30_zps767abd28.jpg
 photo london31_zps3884e37a.jpg
 photo london32_zps8abbb16d.jpg
 photo london33_zps21cd2bad.jpg
 photo london35_zpsd388e2fd.jpg
 photo london36_zps680935c3.jpg
 photo london37_zps7ebefe9d.jpg
 photo london38_zps723690d8.jpg
 photo london39_zps9000b797.jpg
 photo london40_zpsa77e02d0.jpg
 photo london41_zpsa082de13.jpg
 photo london42_zpsaf5d1a57.jpg
 photo london43_zpsf2c0db7e.jpg
 photo london44_zps940b5a49.jpg
 photo london45_zpse4346862.jpg
 photo london46_zps85e31896.jpg
 photo london47_zps970257b1.jpg
 photo london48_zps06e698b6.jpg
 photo london49_zps7c573818.jpg
 photo london50_zpsdeac4baf.jpg

The second day I actually did quite a good job in terms of ‘making more photos’ as I promised myself after day 1. Because I didn’t have my own camera with me, I had a simple one from my parents (not an SLR….), which made me kinda sad and it definitely didn’t trigger me to take the amount of photos as I usually do. Anyway, I kinda took a lot the second day, so I divided it up over two seperate posts to not bore you all too much πŸ™‚

We started the day with a quick look at the Big Ben (I mean, what more is there to see about it), though I did love it. After that, we went for a coffee at Pret a Manger, and met up with Thomas again. We went to the church where Pince William and Kate got married (didn’t go inside though, since it was really super expensive) and the House of Parliament. After that, we bought some lunch at Tesco’s (mmm wraps!) and took the subway towards another part of the city to see the Tower Bridge and some super high tower of which I forgot the name (again, we didn’t go up since it was so expensive… haha, oh London). I loved the Tower Bridge, though! We walked around the Tower (you know, where all the criminals but also Catharina von Aragon of Henry the 8th were sent) and then went to the financial district. I don’t know whether it’s my business background or just the fact that I love places where people are goal-oriented and always busy (I also love airports for those reasons), but financial districts always give me a certain thrill and motivate me. I always visit them when I’m in another city, wouldn’t want to miss it. We had some Starbucks there (gingerbread latte and cute Christmas chocolate pie!!) and walked around the JP Morgan, Citibank, etc buildings.

A super cool thing: we walked through some sort of hallway, with advertisements…. suddenly one of those framed advertisements just opened and a man stepped out… Apparently he has his OWN ELEVATOR up to his office. Talking about goals for my vision board πŸ˜‰

Hot spots of the day:

Big Ben

Not a very special suggestion, since I don’t think anyone would visit London without going to see the Big Ben. Nonetheless, you can also see the House of Parliament there and a little further down the road you find the church where Kate and Prince William got married.


Some sort of supermarket chain with really affordable lunch deals..: wraps with something to drink and fruits or a candy bar. I love wraps for lunch, so… really liked this option πŸ™‚

Pret a Manger

This is a chain of lunch cafes/shops where they sell handmade and natural food. Also, they spend some of the money they receive for every purchase on the homeless to give them a better Christmas. I love these kind of things. Also, it wasn’t too expensive for lunch, and of course, really tasty. Click here for their website.

Tower Bridge, London Bridge & The Tower

All in the same area, which allows for a nice walk πŸ™‚ I loved the London bridge. Be prepared that seeing the Tower and it’s surrounding buildings etc (you have to buy a ticket for that) will take up to 3 hours or so. We didn’t do it since we had a lot that we wanted to see in limited time.

The Financial District

Very impressive and nice to have a Starbucks there πŸ˜‰


Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

4 thoughts on “London day 2 (part I)

  1. Ha I love how the one picture that really caught my eye out of the whole bunch was the one of that Starbucks cake! All the other photos are gorgeous, of course, but good god, that cake looks good…




  2. such a beautiful city. need to go there soon


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