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Feel Good Friday #15

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Favourite snack – Tony Chocolonely limited edition with chilli pepper
 photo vrijdag01_zpse81974e0.jpg

I got a package with Tony Chocolonely’s limited editions of this year as a thank-you gift a couple of weeks ago. Especially the Milk Cookie Chilli bar is SO super delicious! I also loved the orange chilli hot chocolate that I had at the CHCO Company about a month ago, and this one definitely goes perfectly with that. I think I might have to stock up on this one.

Favourite webclick – Names of the Parisian subway stations taken literally
 photo vrijdag03_zps0a6d32cc.jpg

I LOVE the Parisian subway network, just as London’s one, they both convey so much history and have a great atmosphere.. But what happens if you take the names of the metro stations literally? They did that and took awesome pictures at a couple of the stations in Paris. My French is not very good ehem, pretty bad, but I understand most of them. SO cool!! Check it out here.

Favourite song – Go Gentle by Robbie Williams

Oh who doesn’t love Robbie Williams? Angels is for sure always my favourite song of the end-of-the-year top 2000, a classic. His latest albums haven’t been my most favourite ones, but this song, written for his baby girl Teddy, is definitely the ‘old Robbie’ in terms of songs and ‘the new Robbie’ if we talk about his attitude and personality πŸ™‚ It is SO super cute.. and a beautiful song, of course.

Favourite serie – Orange is the New Black
 photo vrijdag04_zpse606df97.jpg
I’m not a series kind of girl. Many of my friends manage to keep up with about 7 shows at a time, which really sounds so tiring to me πŸ˜› Don’t know how they do it. Anyway, last week I discovered the extremely popular (I mean: it has a 8.5 on IMDB.com!!) Netflix series and I just can’t stop watching anymore! It is SO good! And a new girl crush is born, btw, Taylor Schilling is absolutely stunning. Oh, and Matt McGorry isn’t that bad having to look at either πŸ˜‰

Favourite look – Zara leather look
 photo vrijdag02_zps3b7dce52.jpg

Just came across this one and thought it is pretty cool πŸ™‚ The well-known Zara skort in yet another attire, with a hint of the lingerie-dress trend that is going on and a good knit to tone it all down a bit. Would love to wear this anytime soon!


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