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Holiday Special: Feelgood movies and songs to get in the mood

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Nothing is better than winter holidays marked by days and days on the couch with your most comfy clothes, a cup of hot chocolate or tea in your hand, and a book on your lap or a marathon of feel good movies with your family or best girls. Occasionally paused to slip in your Uggs and have a walk in the cold, snowy weather outside. Seriously, nothing is better in my opinion, I wish winter holidays would last forever.

To get in the mood I made a selection of the best feelgood/Christmas movies and songs for you!

The ultimate feelgood Christmas playlist:

A list with classics and newbies (Ariane Grande’s version of Last Christmas and Kelly Clarkson’s beautiful Silent Night), Christmas songs and just beautiful songs that fit the season perfectly (John Legend’s All of me and Robbie William’s Angels — that seriously is a classic holiday favourite here in the Netherlands).

The ultimate feelgood Christmas movie-list

 photo christmasmovies01_zpsf32812c4.png photo christmasmovies02_zpsd8b26b77.png
The Holiday | How the Grinch Stole Christmas | Four Weddings and a Funeral | Bridget Jones 1 and 2 | Dirty Dancing | New Year’s Eve | Love Actually | The Great Gatsby | The Nutcracker Prince | Les Miserables | The Time Traveler’s Wife | A Christmas Carol | Home Alone marathon | Harry Potter marathon | Edward Scissorhands | While You Were Sleeping | Rise of the Guardians | Marley & Me | The Polar Express | Alles is Liefde

If you have any more suggestions, please share!! =D

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