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2013 – Favourite Photos


 photo IMG_9583_zps6e0c81ca.jpg
 photo leaves_zpsd7dc6de1.jpg
 photo IMG_9497_zps4b2617eb.jpg
 photo IMG_7023_zpse033818f.jpg
 photo pianoman_zps91a3c04c.jpg
 photo all10_zps5255ce6c.jpg
 photo a2_zps5771581d.jpg
 photo IMG_9133_zps82b5a0e9.jpg
 photo IMG_8489_zpsb249e6b9.jpg
 photo IMG_8460_zpsaf718cea.jpg
 photo IMG_8966_zps273dbc4b.jpg
 photo IMG_8977_zps573a0231.jpg
 photo IMG_9108_zpsde6d6fa9.jpg
 photo IMG_9272_zpsc2877c7d.jpg
 photo all08_zpse228425b.jpg
 photo IMG_7954_zpsdd3f3cac.jpg
 photo IMG_7420_zpsfef2f62a.jpg
 photo IMG_7895_zps66df9efe.jpg
 photo IMG_9488_zps31fa3074.jpg
 photo IMG_9442_zpsb394decc.jpg
 photo IMG_6446_zpsff89016e.jpg
 photo IMG_9329_zpsd647222b.jpg
 photo Untitled_zpsaf153616.png
 photo IMG_9821_zpsd697352c.jpg
 photo IMG_7895_zps66df9efe.jpg
 photo IMG_7349_zpse4cfa1b4.jpg
 photo img_4384_zpsbb08e24d.jpg
 photo 02_zps5a2c56a4.jpg
 photo IMG_9866_zps9a4b8008.jpg
 photo HUNGRYEYES06_zps59397adf.jpg
 photo IMG_7822_zpsacb780c1.jpg
 photo hungryeyes13_zps23f0ddf5.jpg
 photo blarf05_zps4ea5bd27.jpg
 photo all23_zps47547a8c.jpg
 photo tmr12_zps6070d324.jpg
 photo IMG_6474_zpsfda26500.jpg
 photo london76_zps08c3724d.jpg
 photo london44_zps940b5a49.jpg
 photo IMG_6645_zpsde4f3c9f.jpg
 photo IMG_6143-002_zps260e91e5.jpg
 photo IMG_7942_zpsd0c81a83.jpg
 photo IMG_6574_zps0c839c21.jpg
 photo IMG_6631_zpse6f6beb6.jpg
 photo IMG_6210_zpseb5db2a6.jpg
 photo IMG_6663_zpsf3e17d2a.jpg
 photo ff03_zps1c0b1ec9.jpg
 photo IMG_7958_zpsde6d796f.jpg
 photo IMG_6858_zps45c75cd4.jpg
 photo IMG_8805_zps09f7b402.jpg
 photo IMG_8769_zps9a545652.jpg
 photo IMG_8182_zpsc85429cf.jpg
 photo IMG_7646_zps32a4c7c3.jpg
 photo IMG_8800_zps4288e6e5.jpg
 photo IMG_8747_zps8ac19bda.jpg
 photo IMG_8229_zpsb6a94635.jpg
 photo IMG_8463_zps2a26c4c8.jpg
 photo IMG_8327_zps8b132a10.jpg

I think nothing captures a year better than photos.. Here are my favourites from 2013! Mostly outfit photos, but also a few that I shot during my trips 🙂 Ohh I love end of the year lists! Is there any list you’d like me to make and share on the blog? 🙂 Please share it! Also, I’d love to see your favourite photos of the year! 😀

Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

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