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2013 – Favourite Movies and Songs

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Since there’s only three days left for end-of-the-year lists (which I love…. I just kinda didn’t notice there were such few days left), I combined movies and songs 🙂

I’m proud to announce that this year, besides the movies that I personally rate quite high, there are also some movies on my ‘favourites list’ that have a high score on IMDB. I never understand how my favourite movies sometimes only score a 4.8 there… it must be ruled by men, that website 😉

Anyhow.. here are my favourite movies that I saw for the first time in 2013! (Click here for the entire list of movies I saw this year)

 photo movies01_zps3b980fde.png
 photo movies03_zps504df6a7.png
 photo movies02_zps9ecd5857.png

Because they’re SO funny: Four Weddings and a Funeral (can’t believe I’d never seen this one before. It’s now my favourite. Seriously: SO funny! And.. Hugh Grant makes it only better <3), Wedding Crashers (Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn: golden combination. I’ve seen this movie multiple times with my brother this year!), The Lone Ranger (I saw this movie in the cinema with my dad and brother, and omg… never laughed that loud! I love Johnny in these kind of roles!), Despicable Me 2 (saw this one when I had a date.. just a really nice movie that everyone likes!), Just Go With It (Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston? Hilarious!).
Because they so mindfuck you:
Side Effects (seriously, you never want to go to your doctor again. Really great movie!), Now You See Me (I LOVE movies like this. Actually also Sin City fits this header.. Anyway, magicians, tricks and trucs and you won’t understand any of it and have to look up the clue on Google. You already thought it was awesome, but after understanding the underlying ideas, you can’t understand how anyone could come up with something SO cool and good).
Because they’re so arty and cool:
Dark Shadows (Johnny Depp just has a way of making each movie so very unique. We’ve seen this movie two evenings in a row, haha), Sin City (seriously super cool movie this! There’s a lot of violence, but this must be the first movie in which I actually think it was needed for the movie. Definitely a must-see girls!), The Great Gatsby (I LOVED this movie. Never seen a 3D movie for which it did so much good and didn’t get annoying. I was enchanted while watching it, honestly).
Because they’re just excellent cry-material:
Now Is Good (honestly, non-stop tear production guaranteed).
Because they’re just really good: The Impossible (cry, Cry, CRY.. So well acted, so real, so good. I loved Naomi Watts in this movie), De Verbouwing (a Dutch movie that I really liked. I loved the book and I love the leading lady Tjitske), Django Unchained (in my opinion a quite unique movie.. Cruel but with funny details. And DiCaprio’s acting skills make any movie a good one), The Hunger Games (even though I loved the books much better, it’s still such a nice story and movie!), Joyeux Noel (A war movie in which they speak the actual languages instead of American!! WHoohoo.. You hear German, Scottish, and French, and I’m lovin’ it! Great story, also!), Zero Dark Thirty (won an Oscar and truly is a good movie about the whole Osama bin Laden story), Argo (great movie about the rescue of 6 Americans trapped in Teheran).
I’m a girl: What to Expect When You’re Expecting (FUNNY! Favourite scene is the one with the daddies walking the babies in the park. My friend and I couldn’t stop laughing at that point ;)), Chicago (dancing, singing and powerful ladies in the leading roles?! YES PLEASE!! My favourite scene is the cell block tango, for sure!), Did You Hear About the Morgans (I am a sucker for any Hugh Grant movie and similarly for any Hugh Grant-joke. Combina that with THE SATC heroine, and the movie is perfect for me), About Time (hello… who doesn’t love romantic stories about time-traveling men??? After The Time Traveler’s Wife, the only thing I thought was: Gimme more of that! And here it is, again with the lovely Rachel McAdams), Safe Haven (based on a Nicholas Sparks book, do I need to say more?), Verliefd op Ibiza (again a Dutch movie. Super terrible of course, but really great in my opinion, haha. Loved it — oh and the bikinis are to DIE for!).

And then the songs I loved the most in 2013…

I have been listening to this list for the past couple of days and I must say it really captures my favourites from the past year the best. From Taylor Swift, for whom I got an obsession after my roomie playing her album over and over in her car and her performance on Times Square during New Year’s last year… to the French period that I’m in now. Along the way, you’ll find some favourites from movies as Django Unchained and The Great Gatsby and a recommendation from a Tinder match (the Oren Lavie song if you wondered). Love Suicide, Pink and Kesha were favourites when I had kind of an angry period this spring, which I used to go running often, which was also the period that I kept on listening to Passenger (whom’s album I can’t HEAR anymore.. drives me nuts now). Also, of course.. I wanted to put in all Imagine Dragons songs, however, I managed to make a careful selection of my absolute favourites. I’ve been listening to them all year long, with their concert in London topping it all off. After all the Christmas songs I’ve been listening to over the past two weeks (which I obviously didn’t put in here), Beyoncé managed to put some through right before the start of the new year… I’m curious what 2014 will bring us!

What were your favourite movies and songs? I’d love to hear and add them to my lists!

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