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2013 – Year in Outfits


 photo IMG_6868_zpsfcb928f7.jpg
 photo IMG_1670_zps1095265f.jpg
 photo IMG_6810_zps9821d251.jpg
 photo IMG_6321_zps4814a723.jpg
 photo IMG_1345-004_zpsef4f0330.jpg
 photo IMG_1405_zps97a1df38.jpg
 photo IMG_6519_zps5fb76b52.jpg
 photo IMG_1449-001_zpsbf66ecc6.jpg
 photo IMG_6711_zps0fe8e37d.jpg
 photo IMG_6253_zpsb2658063.jpg
 photo IMG_8979_zps52a8566f.jpg
 photo IMG_8842_zps1a640b4b.jpg
 photo IMG_7090_zps64e190b1.jpg
 photo Untitled_zps93589a9b.jpg
 photo IMG_8804_zps94713a15.jpg
 photo IMG_8518_zps5feeb7fe.jpg
 photo IMG_8943_zpsdda02b3b.jpg
 photo IMG_8912_zpsccf4e3d5.jpg
 photo IMG_9133_zps82b5a0e9.jpg
 photo IMG_9266_zps88a5ab77.jpg
 photo IMG_9248_zps0895d7d3.jpg
 photo IMG_9030_zps54128a12.jpg
 photo IMG_0384_zps74383ced.jpg
 photo IMG_9208_zpsf9d2a851.jpg
 photo IMG_9565_zps034af8cd.jpg
 photo IMG_7893_zps3a4338b3.jpg
 photo IMG_9516_zpse556c3f3.jpg
 photo IMG_4028_zps6fc15bc3.jpg
 photo IMG_9326_zpsf172e707.jpg
 photo binnur01_zpsb7a1685c.jpg
 photo IMG_9636_zps287d1425.jpg
 photo IMG_9411_zps74c9817a.jpg
 photo IMG_6308_zps8de319bf.jpg
 photo idea02_zpsf82f3137.jpg
 photo tmr01_zpse55daaab.jpg
 photo IMG_7872_zps07cfbf6d.jpg
 photo a10_zps9054c393.jpg
 photo img_2678_zpsb68c904f.jpg
 photo family05_zps10bffb55.jpg
 photo underground01_zpse60b59f6.jpg
 photo tmr14_zps8b05b105.jpg
 photo IMG_9943_zps94f84f69.jpg
 photo img_4365_zpse020e123.jpg
 photo IMG_98792_zps47722189.jpg
 photo xmas03_zps48404832.jpg
 photo 06_zpsde42e2cf.jpg
 photo newyork04_zps0d476579.jpg

 photo hungryeyes13_zps23f0ddf5.jpg

Here are all my outfits from 2013.. Or at least, from the point that I started this blog in June. So much fun to look back at it all and see the differences between shots that I really loved and of those that I’m less satisfied with. I can’t wait for it to get warmer again to shot at the huge sandy place again. That just looks like a dessert ❤ Do you have a favourite?

Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

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