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Feel Good Friday #18

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Favourite book – Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy
 photo freitag01_zpsd3289a8c.jpg

Keeping up with my New Year’s resolutions..although I indeed started off with the most simple book on the list, haha πŸ˜‰ It’s nice to read such a feelgood book again, and of course to read about Bridget’s lovely, oh so recognizable life (except for the tomboy ;)) again. I can’t wait for the movie, although I’m definitely gonna miss the frequent appearance of Mr Hugh Grant πŸ˜‰

Favourite song – Bones by Ginny Blackmore

Such a beautiful song!

Favourite lipgloss – Rose from Clarins
 photo freitag03_zps0dfd8100.jpg
I told you guys a couple of times before, but this one really got me into gloss again! I seriously never wore lipgloss anymore but this number is just so beautiful. I already checked for it in the stores, but it seems like this particular colour (Gloss Prodige, rose, 03) isn’t being sold anymore 😦 Oh no!

Favourite accomplishment – Working Out
 photo freitag02_zps7e7345e4.jpg

I’ve been working out this week!! I got my fitness schedule from the trainer at the gym and I’m working with weights and all from now on. I’m still not really used to it though: it just so much looks like torturin machines to me, haha. Anyway, Victoria’s Secret body here I come!!

Favourite food – Quinoa salad
 photo freitag02_zps898d300a.png
Ohhh this salad is SO delicious! I made it yesterday and I’ll post the recipe coming Sunday, stay tuned πŸ™‚


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