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 photo nikes_zps7e287c79.jpg
 photo nikes02_zps2ffa22ab.jpg
 photo nikes03_zpse6eb3178.jpg

..that’s the question. I liked those Nikes immediately when I spotted them from the shopwindow, and also still loved them when I tried them on. However, as soon as I had to make a decision, I started to have doubts, I think mainly because it is so different from the shoes that I usually wear… So, I decided to think about it for a bit and make my route through the mall before coming back and having to make a decision. The guy who worked there was really nice and suggested to hold them for me, since it was the last pair in my size. Anyhow, more time didn’t really work, I just DIDN’T know what I wanted, what is really so not me. I decided, in the end, to take them with me anyway and think it over a little more at home (I could always return them).

What now?! I’m more and more getting used to the idea of keeping them, though. What do YOU think?

Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

2 thoughts on “TO KEEP OR NOT TO KEEP..

  1. Typisch! Ik denk dat het hartstikke normaal is dat je zoveel twijfelt aan iets dat je normaal gezien niet draagt! Als ik jou was zou ik gewoon beginnen met ze te dragen, hoe meer plezier je eraan hebt, hoe minder spijt je ervan krijgt 😉 !!!

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