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Feel Good Friday #20

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Favourite book – Gone Girl
 photo vrijdag01_zps60c0a9df.png

Amazingly well-written, until the very end I didn’t have a clue of how it would end. A more detailed review will be up soon.. Seriously, I couldn’t stop telling my roomie HOW good it is and that she DEF needs to read it as well. So, go to that bookstore and read it this weekend 😉 Perfect way to spend your Sunday!

Favourite bargain – Zara shoes
 photo shoes3_zps8bdc4124.jpg

Yeah… whenever you find something with a 100 euro discount, which you’ve been wanting to buy all winter, you better enjoy it like a mad person and don’t stop talking about it. Life is great 😉

Favourite album – Born To Die by Lana Del Rey

Ehm yeah, kinda late maybe.. I already loved Blue Jeans last year, her song Young and Beautiful for the Great Gatsby and also Summertime Madness. The rest of the album? I never really thought of listening to it. Glad I did yesterday, ’cause it’s full of really perfect songs that form a perfect background for studying and thesis writing, but also serve as a powerful break from it 😉 My favourites are Carmen, Lucky Ones, and Off to the Races, but really, most of the songs are really good in my humble opinion!

Favourite breakfast – Oatmeal with blueberries, yoghurt and flex seeds

 photo vrijdag03_zps1e606ec6.png

I tried fruit and vegetables smoothies for breakfast, but I must say it wasn’t really for me. However, bread also bored me like crazy, so I decided to give real oatmeal (so no Kellogg’s cornflakes or cruesli or whatever) a try. And damn, it satisfies and tastes really good 🙂 I eat it with yoghurt (I am not a big fan of milk), and blueberries or frozen fruits (from the Albert Heijn), and a spoon of flax seeds. Delicious and it satisfies for so much longer.

Favourite movie – The Wolf of Wall Street

 photo vrijdag02_zps6dfa6526.png
I meant to see this one for a while already, I heard so many great stories about it. Although few people said it was rather boring, I think it was really beautifully built up. Starting with the disbelief of the industry (as many of us probably look at it), the transformation you almost can’t fight against when in such an environment (money, drugs, cheating, …), and how this can destroy everything you have. I feel kind of bad for Leo again not winning an Oscar,  ’cause the man definitely put up quite the performance in this movie (just like a.o. the Great Gatsby..).


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