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3 doors down



 photo doors03_zpsa66036cb.jpg
 photo doors06_zpsebb57d21.jpg
 photo doors05_zps6511ff4e.jpg
 photo doors01_zpsabf45196.jpg
 photo doors04_zps5ca1659e.jpg
 photo doors02_zps9737b7ea.jpg

Shirt – WE men’s department | leather pants – New Yorker | shoes – Converse All Stars

Ha, sometimes the men’s collections are simply better. I had to pick up this t-shirt for my brother, who’d been desperately searching for this almost sold out number, and fell so in love with it that I almost decided to keep it myself, haha. Inspite, I borrowed it for a few days (hey, that’s the least I can get in return for the effort and much sister-love, not? ;)) and wore it with my on fire red faux leather pants. I hadn’t worn those in months, mainly because I’ve been SO much into simpler styles, lately. It’s too good to completely forget about, though, and I love this combination. Morale of the story: never underestimate the potential of your brother’s or boyfriend’s closet 😉 They might contain excellent additions to your own items.. hihi.

Today, I’m working on some final projects for my LAST COURSE EVER (omg, I can’t believe it..), Diffusion of Management Ideas. Also, it’s the birthday of one of my very best friends and roomie, who’s almost always willing to stroll around the city with me to take pictures for my blog (like today’s ones), have endless talks about nothing over our favourite coconut latte and bagels, and to jump on our beds and blow bubbles (yes, we actually do that.. we even have a bubble swoard in our bathroom (H)). Happy birthday girl! ❤ ❤


Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

5 thoughts on “3 doors down

  1. Leuke outfit, vind je top heel gaaf!

    Jules x

  2. Salut!
    J’aime beaucoup ce look, ça te va très bien , et puis les photos sont belles !
    A bientôt,


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