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I came across this Travel Tag at Esmée’s blog and thought it would be fun to share something like this on my blog for once. I love travelling and cannot wait to get out of the country again! I love exploring new cultures and finding the most gorgeous places in the world ❤

 photo travel01_zps42542ca0.jpg

Left: London baby! I went here with two friends (my former roomies) for the Imagine Dragons concert and we made it a long weekend away ❤ Right: At the stairs of the Mets (NYC) like real Gossip Girls, haha!

Which countries have you already been to?
Belgium (Antwerp, Gent), Germany (Cologne), Poland (Warsaw), the UK (London), France (Paris, Cannes, Grasse, and some provinces), Spain (Barcelona, Valencia), Italy (Venice, Lake Garda, Verona, Rome, Tuscany), Croatia (Split, Plitvice Lakes), Latvia (Riga), Denmark (Copenhagen), the US (Michigan, Chicago, Miami, New York, Washington DC), Canada (Toronto, Niagara Falls), China (Beijing, Xi’an, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Guillin), Hong Kong.

Which destination is on top of your wishlist? In other words: what place do you REALLY want to visit?
I’d love to go backpacking in Australia, I think that would be number one, together with Cuba. But also Cinque Terre in Italy, Ibiza, Berlin, and a road trip along the West Coast of the USA are high on the list.

 photo traveltag03_zps2d3c527a.jpg
 photo traveltag02_zpsceff3b00.jpg

First: We spent Christmas at South Beach ❤ It was a perfect Christmas! Second: Wall Street!!

What is your most perfect holiday?
It depends: during the year: citytrips. In the summer: either a backpack trip or a super relaxing holiday in preferably Italy. I’m not a super big fan of party holidays, except for my trip to Miami!

Which place was so special that you really want to go there again?
I loved New York and I left the city with the knowledge that I’ll be visiting again soon enough, just because it was so great. Also Tuscany was so amazingly beautiful that I would really like to go back once.

Show your most fun holiday picture!
One of my most fun pics is somewhere below, combined with another picture. It’s a ‘breakfast at Tiffany’s’ capture we shot right in front of the Tiffany’s store in New York. The looks on people’s faces when we were taking it were priceless! Below you see one of my favourite photos ever taken. It was in Hangzhou in China, at a beautiful lake just when the sun was setting and a thunder storm was torturing us. Everyone took shelter underneath this chapel-ish place, it was such a beautiful sight and the photo turned out great.

 photo traveltag12_zps2346a067.jpg
 photo traveltag20_zpsc80d6f46.jpg

Have you ever been to a nice destination for work-related reasons?
My trip to Cannes was for an internship at the Cannes Lions Festival, which was an amazing experience. Also Warsaw was a study trip, we did research there for a couple of companies. I was going to go to France this summer for a consulting project we got from a company, but sadly I had to cancel due to personal circumstances. I’d love to go abroad for my blog at some point, though 😉

With whom do you usually travel?
Most of the time with friends, but always different ones haha.

Whom or what would you bring to a deserted island?
Ehhm… all the loved ones around me, tons of bikinis, and a doggie.

 photo traveltag08_zpsb54a1a27.jpg

 photo travel02_zps9a242973.jpg

First: On The Great Wall in China! Second: Left: Oops, I already put this pic here, well: on the stairs of the Mets 😉 Right: wearing an American football costume while studying abroad in Michigan!

Have you ever been on a holiday in the Netherlands?
Yeah, for sure.. when I was younger we used to go on vacation in the Netherlands, not abroad. I’ve been mostly to the south (Limburg), once in Drenthe, and a couple of times to the islands with my friends. I’m a much bigger fan of going abroad though.. I like Holland more for just short shopping trips in other cities :))

Do you like it better to go to a theme park or a zoo?
Ehh.. I really want to go to the zoo sometime soon, but in general I think I like a theme park better. I LOVED Universal Studios in Orlando and would love to go back there, or to Disneyland (Paris), I’ve never been there. Not too much of a fan of rollercoasters, though, but I love the themed attractions so much ❤

 photo traveltag04_zps8585de91.jpg
 photo travel03_zps237b396e.jpg

First: Our Christmas dinner, haha! On the beach of Miami, with the best pizza I had in my life and some booze. Second: Left: Biking at the city walls of Xi’An, China. Right: Boat trip on the Li River in Guillin, China!

Do you prefer a ski- or sun holiday?
Definitely sun. I went skiing once, and although I loved it, I really prefer spending my money on a nice trip in the summer and some city trips throughout the year. I might wanna go skiing again once, though… as soon as I have enough money to do both 😉 Haha.

What is your favourite vacation memory?
I have two. Haha. One is from two years ago, before I went to study abroad in the States, I went to Tuscany with my parents and little brother. It was (for now) the last vacation with my family and we just had the best time ever. Very cherish-able. The other one was truly magical, me and two girlfriends were in New York for new year’s, and right after the countdown and amazing concerts, when everyone started to drool off, they played Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York. Goosebumps all over, I’m telling you ❤

 photo traveltag07_zpsdbca30fe.jpg
 photo traveltag09_zps2974d851.jpg
 photo travel04_zps5997de0f.jpg

First: In front of the White House, spelling Obama’s name, haha! Second: Chilling in a super beautiful park in China. Third: Left: in a park in Hong Kong! It was such a great park, with the nature combined with skyscrapers, such a very special atmosphere! Right: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, haha! The looks on people’s faces when we were taking this picture were priceless! 😉

What is your least favourite vacation memory?
Euh… I honestly wouldn’t know. Oh! Maybe all the times we only got hungry after 9 pm and all restaurants were already closed in China and we weren’t able to find something to eat that didn’t look like it was just fished from the streets :)) I had delicious food in China, but it was not always as easy to find. Those moments, when we started to get hungry and just HAD to find something were not really that much fun, haha!

What is a place you would never go to for holidays?
Obviously places that are unsafe. And those all-inclusive resorts where everyone is packed at the same beach and no-one leaves the resort to delve themselves in the local culture.. I can’t imagine how to enjoy being ‘abroad’ then, surrounded with those materialists and your own culture and people. I cannot imagine it to be any fun.

To which countries are you going this year?
I am for sure going to visit my friend who’s doing her masters in Edinburgh! So much looking forward to that. I’m also planning a city trip with some friends, we might want to go to Barcelona (I love that city plus the Zara is much cheaper in Spain! ;)). I would also love to have a relaxing holiday at some time, to a Southern European country, but I haven’t planned (or saved! Haha) anything for that yet.

Feel free to copy and answer this tag to your own blog! Let me know if you do, I like to read other people’s travel plans and experiences!

 photo traveltag11_zps5ad334c6.jpg
 photo traveltag13_zpsf10ea112.jpg
 photo traveltag16_zps6f578e1f.jpg
 photo traveltag18_zps566358e2.jpg photo traveltag19_zpsff5aa3a3.jpg photo traveltag17_zpsa2c0ced7.jpg

First: In a beautiful park with many lakes in Hangzhou, China. Second: While mountain biking in Guillin, China. Those ‘mountains’ were just so special! Third: At Victoria Peak, the mountain of Hong Kong.. It was sunset and the view over the city was magical, really. Fourth: In the famous and beautiful Tuscan hills. Gosh do I love Italy. Fifth: At Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy. Sixth: At the Blue Lagoon in Croatia.


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