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 photo IMG_4651_zpsgpcnqfh1.jpg
 photo IMG_4658_zpsxptwytua.jpg
 photo IMG_4662_zpsxizz5zui.jpg
 photo IMG_4668_zpsrprffjlj.jpg
 photo IMG_4673_zpstxmldldt.jpg
 photo IMG_46800_zpsyredm7zl.jpg
 photo IMG_4690_zpsgenk8f2w.jpg
leather pants – Zara | t-shirt – my all time favourite from Zara | faux suede jacket – Takko | shoes – Nike Air Max | bag – Zara | sunnies – Ray Ban | rings – H&M | lipstick – Always Plum from Maybelline | nailpolish – Flowerista from essie

Wonder why I have this awkward grin in some of the photos? Well.. maybe you’d understand if I’d tell you we had an audience of about 11 guys that were hanging around us asking all kind of interesting questions about ‘what the hell a fashion blog is and where they could follow us on Instagram’ haha. Anyway, this is the look Laura and I shot yesterday. The jacket I got last year from Takko’s PR agency, how handy does it come in right now, when suede is all the trend for the coming season, hm? This afternoon I went shopping for my little brother’s 18th (!) birthday coming Tuesday. I think I found some really nice things!

Now I’m listening to the Australian top lists (I usually really enjoy their top faves!), and I’m trying to finish watching Fifty Shades… wow, what a bad movie, haha! Afterwards I’m gonna watch some TV with my dad! Enjoy your Saturday eve!

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Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..


  1. Thanks voor je reactie, leuke look dit 🙂 Fijne zondag X

  2. Leuke outfit! De lipstick staat je ook super! xx http://www.remotereporter.nl

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