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11 Season’s Superstars (s/s 2015)


 photo superstar_zpsfvfdgd74.png

Bag – Chloé | sunnies – Quay | bikini – Triangl | sneakers – Adidas Superstar | denim skirt – Zara | bathing suit – La Perla | sandals – Stella McCartney | suède dress – Zara | kimono – H&M | rings – H&M

These 11 items are the superstars, showstoppers, of this season. The ones that everyone’s talking about, everyone wants to have, and of which some are immediately sold out. In terms of swimwear, Triangl is more over the place than ever (I love the one above). If you’re not convinced, you might find yourself browsing for that one perfect bathing suit (preferably having ‘deep plunge’). Personally, the ones on Asos are my favourite.

Additionally, the 70-ies trend is all over the place (as you probably already noticed), resulting in must-have items made of suède, which perfectly match denim (especially denim skirts, flared jeans and high waisted jeans), and some rocking round sunnies. Together, they form a combination between seventies style and the cowgirl style, which we saw at a.o. Tommy Hilfiger. Match your favourite high waisted Levi’s shorts or white lace dress with a kimono. H&M has some really nice ones.

In terms of footwear, we suddenly all walk around in Adidas Superstars (they’re this season’s Sam Smith’s), and shoes that are inspired on Stella McCartney’s collection of platform sandals and derbies (Zara has some good ‘copies’). I still wanna buy a pair of Superstars, but are in doubt a little bit since the trend is SO all over the place that it’s not that unique anymore. Hmm.. Still have to give it some thought! Of course you finish your look with the it-bag of the season; de Faye van Chloé. Perfect with anything hot and happening right now. Some gold, minimalistic jewelry makes all your looks complete. (H&M and Weekday have nice options!).


Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

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