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Angelica Blick
 photo bloggers03_zps2at8gase.jpg

Hands down my top favourite blog! I love everything about the Swedish Angelica: her style, her honest and down to earth way of writing, her beautiful photos and of course all her great travels. If anyone, I’d love to be her, haha. So motivating to start working out like a crazy person also to get a body like hers! She’s also very small, so I think it’s very inspiring to see her being toned (instead of just being super skinny) and hence looking way taller than she actually is, pulling off great outfits in different styles – comfy, edgy, girly.. whatever she feels like that day!

Janni Deler
 photo bloggers02_zpsi76tvmbh.jpg

What is it with those Swedish girls? Janni is another super happy looking girl from Stockholm – although she just moved to Monaco to live with her boyfriend. With her.. it’s not necessarily about her outfits in my opinion (they’re nice but not too special for me), but her lifestyle that makes you want to trade lives with her: she works out super often, travels, and is just a very inspiring person in general. Reading her blog always motivates and inspires me!

Karla’s Closet
 photo bloggers04_zpsx6zlnysa.jpg

I’ve been following Karla since the early days of fashion blogging and her style has always been very, very inspirational to me. A mixture of – a lot of – vintage, designer shoes and a whole lot of cool attitude makes her a perfect style example. Her style is a mixture between minimalism, body-hugging sexiness and always with an edgy touch. In all those years she’s hardly ever posted an outfit that disappointed me. One small dislike? She doesn’t post that often anymore.. but be sure to check her out!

 photo bloggers01_zpsay1w4jws.jpg

A Dutch blogger that I have been following since I was about 14. Although Esmée changed her posts from mainly fashion to mainly beauty about a couple of years ago, I still like her blog quite a lot. I am not sure what it is exactly – maybe the fact that she likes food and shopping as much as I do? – but whenever she has a new post I click it immediately in my bloglovin account!

 photo blogger5_zps14aqiggd.png

Another Dutch blog, however, slightly different than the others in this list. Annemerel loves running and writes about it a lot (although I still wish I’ll start enjoying running as well, I still usually skip these posts), shares her favourite recipes, her favourites in general (music, books, food, and gossip) and just writes in a way that often at least puts a smile on your face – or tears from laughing – because it is so easy to recognize yourself in her sometimes clumsy, sometimes unreasonable, sometimes simply girly thoughts and actions. You gotta love her!

Tell me: who are your favourite bloggers?


Author: Marle

Msc Strategic Management student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Blogger at dutchfashiongirl.com, passionate about food, fashion, perfume, books..

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