Dutch Fashion Girl

Fashion, but less materialism and more life-loving!


 photo IMG_7029_zpsz0pfazut.jpg

I started this blog out of a desire for a personal style blog with less emphasis on materialism. The main thing that my old blog and following many other – AMAZING by the way – fashion blogs, brought me, was the feeling of ‘needing’ more and more and more things. At a certain point, many of those blogs are just a quick click, to check out the cool stuff and breathtaking, perfect lives of those bloggers, instead of a pure feel good moment, relaxing moment and some me-time, as it should be.

That is what I aim to achieve here: a balance between enjoying the world of fashion together with my readers, and a place on the web that can make our day just a little happier, a moment of rest during a busy  day and a moment to relax and get some balance in our fuzzy, busy heads.


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