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Slowly everyone starts orientating more and more on what fall season is going to bring us – in fashion then, I know for a fact that we’ll get rain, cold, and misery here in Holland ;) Anyway, I started building my wishlist and here’s what’s on it to date. The fantastic SuperTrash coat that is my number one favourite item this season, together with this super cute angora skirt with deer-print. I mean: how awesome can a skirt be? Its price is a little less awesome, being no less than 120 euros. For a skirt. Yes. Oh well, good for me that I also have this extensive shoe wishlist to think about. Two perfect little black boots (isn’t that the equivalent for little black dress? Just as must-have in my opinion!), both from Zara. I think I like the ones with the chains slightly more, so eventually I might go for them. The Stan Smith Adidas sneakers are STILL on my wishlist, even though they might not be the best piece to invest in with the eye on winter season. I love both animal print shoes, the cow ones being the exact same I have in leopard and pink already. The leopard shoes are from Maruti, a Dutch brand I recently discovered and looooove. You’ll soon read more about it! The coat is just lovely, I think, with the fur collars… perfect to snuggle up in on a cold winter day (or go ice skating in it, sΓ³ Anna Karenina!!).



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Here are some of my recent outfits, do you have a favourite? I went to some PR agencies yesterday and picked up some awesome clothes that you will see soon on the blog! Today, I’ll do some work for the blog (answering emails and stuff) and then go to have lunch with Lizzy. I so enjoy meeting so many of my friends this week! I also, finally, got a date for my thesis defense, which will be Friday the 29th.. Although they still have to grade my thesis with either pass or fail before that.. It all takes so long! What are your plans?



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Waxed jeans – H&M (my favourite!) | jacket – Zara | sneakers – Nike

Spent the day in Amsterdam yesterday with Akkelyn! We went shopping, paid extra attention to the stores we do not really have in many other cities in the Netherlands (MTWTFSS WEEKDAY for example, I loved it!) and had a delicious, delicious lunch at De Laatste Kruimel (their cheesecake is also truly amazing!). It was raining cats and dogs most of the time, but that didn’t keep us from having a great day (and snapping some outfit pics in between ;)).Β  Today, I’m going to Amsterdam again, with Laura this time, to visit some PR agencies for the blog, exciting! Follow me on Instagram to get updated about those things in my life as well :) (@marle_r)

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Sweater – Zara | shorts – Vintage Levi’s 501 | slipons – Asos

Goodmorning girls! What are your plans for today?:) I am going to Amsterdam with a friend who just came back from her ‘working’ vacay in France! We’re gonna do some shopping and, especially, lots of talking and coffee! Hope the weather will be good. Have a GREAT Monday (yeah, that’s possible)! X!



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Coat – SuperTrash | boots – Timberland | sneakers – Adidas | shirt and sweater – Blake Seven | bracelet – MelanO

These pieces are one by one real stunners, in their own way. I am totally, madly in love with the Supertrash coat, but I should definitely be put on a savings plan for that, haha! Might be worth it, though.. definitely the best teddy in town. Seriously, this is going to be coat-season, I have seen so many treasures already, and it has only just begun! (or not even, actually) I also still have an enormous crush on the Adidas Stan Smith collection and recently discovered awesome tops with which they can go being super badass together. They’re from Blake Seven and this shirt and sweater are my faves. Lastly, I’m in love with the twisted bracelets from Melano, you can change the stones as they sell them seperately, so you can go create and change its look forever. Isn’t that a lovely idea?


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