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Entire outfit – Zara

Morning lovelies! Gonna work a little on the things I still have to do (thesis, internship applications..) and spend the rest of the weekend with my boyfriend :) Oehh so much stress for everything to work out, even in the summer.. Can’t wait to be done with my masters!



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Entire outfit – Zara | sunnies – RayBan

This outfit is currently my favourite! Crop tops are so good with high waisted skirts <3 I had the most delicious coffee yesterday at our favourite coffee bar. It’s kinda intended for women, very artsy, colourful, and girly! The temperatures are already pretty high in the morning, so we could sit on the terrace; lovely!

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And… it’s raining again, welcome to Holland! Have been reading a book this morning, waking up slowly (nothing is better to stay in bed late on those days) and I just had breakfast. A typical Monday, haha. Now I’m gonna go to the city center to pick up my Zara order, exciting!! Afterwards I’ll work on my thesis again, finally making serious progress! :)

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The last day before we all headed home – they back to the US and me flying back to the Netherlands – me and Nicole went to Grasse. I’ve been wanting to go there for a while, since it is the perfume city of the world. And I loooove perfume ;) Chanel is said to have huge fields only for their No. 5 perfume there. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see that. We visited a small but well known perfumery called Molinard and got to have a look in the atelier. Their perfumes are home made and super delicious. It’s just that I still have so many unfinished perfumes that I didn’t buy one, but I’ll definitely come back once to get one. <3

Today, I spent another day working in my thesis. I think I finally made some good progress again, so hopefully I’ll be almost done after I spend a couple of more days on it! :D




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Skort – Zara | top (with open back) – H&M Trend | plaid shirt – Levi’s | heels – Zara

Remember this look from last year? I still love it! Gonna work on my thesis today, even though it’s over  degrees outside :( Damn… the little hot, beautiful days we have here in the Netherlands and I’m gonna have to spend them inside, working on uni.

Yesterday, I had a high tea on a terrace with Caroline.. it was so delicious, and we were both SO full afterwards, haha. In the evening, we had a pancake feast with all the neighbours from our little street here, which was really super nice. Enjoy your day and the sun girls! Don’t forget to use lots and lots of sunscreen! :)

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