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And the rest of the photos from this look! Totally love the combination of textures :)

Last Thursday, we had an event that I co-organized as PR intern at L’Oréal, where we introduced our newest skincare innovations to the beauty journalists of Holland’s most reknown magazines as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan. Loved it! Everything went according to plan and it just was a big success. You’ll soon hear more about those innovations, I bet you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was when I first got introduced to them!

In the evening, I had a goodbye dinner in Amsterdam from the PR manager and the other people of our team. Now it’s finally weekend after such a busy and intense week! Yesterday, I had the birthday party of one of my oldest and dearest friends, Laura. She turned 22! Can’t believe we’re all getting so old.. Haha.

Now I’ve been reading the ELLE December issue, watched the celebration of Sinterklaas (a Dutch tradition) on tv, and I’ve been preparing (trends!) blogposts. Tonight I’m gonna have Asian dinner with my high school girls, Lizzy, Caroline and Myrthe. So much looking forward to it!

Have a great Saturday night girls! May it be filled with Cosmopolitans, friends, and love.



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A little sneak peek of the outfit we shot yesterday. I spent the weekend at my parents’, so nice to be ‘home’ sometimes :) I had a really good weekend, even though I dropped my phone and the glass is all shattered :'(.

I love the combination of the textures in this outfit. The old denim blouse I found at my parents’ attic.. I think it’s from the 80ies. The skirt I bought at H&M a couple of years ago, in the sale, it was only 5 euros, haha. What did I say about cheap clothes making great fashion?

At the moment I’m writing this (Sunday eveneing) I am watching a tv interview with the British photographer Jimmy Nelson right now, it’s about his recent work ‘Before They Pass Away’, you should totally google it because it is amazing. In a bit I’m gonna watch a movie with my dad and brother, a Dutch one, de Marathon. And tomorrow… it’s time for worrrrk again. Kinda starting to get used to the working life!


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Sweater – Takko | jeans – H&M | heels – Zara | clutch – Zara

Sometimes ‘cheap’ fashion can be so good. I never feel too good to shop in stores like H&M, or even Primark and Takko. You find the greatest things at the most unexpected places, you just need a little more fantasy to see the greatness in pieces, since it is not already presented that way to you in the stores/shows/lookbooks. When Takko’s PR agency asked me whether I would be interested in picking up some pieces at their showroom, I found truly nice pieces that are absolutely affordable for everyone. Style has nothing to do with how much money you have to spend, just how much imagination you have in combining the pieces. Usually, when combined well, pieces that may look cheap surrounded in overlighted and overstacked stores (e.g. Primark), look amazing when worn with pieces you already own. This sweater for example has easily become one of my favourite items in my closet!

Have a great Sunday girls! I’m gonna clean up a bit, read the ELLE and Vogue October copies and paint my nails :) What are you up to?


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Home! It’s been quite hectic at work the past couple of days, but I love it. So much more exciting than the days on which you don’t really have much to do ;)
Still in doubt whether I am going to the drinks of the marketing association I did a committee for last year (when I was doing my masters), or just stay at home and chill a bit. Both so tempting!
Hope you’re all having a nice evening!


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So. I’ve got the bag.

The bag that I liked but didn’t buy, because I thought it was too expensive. The bag I only looked at and dreamed about at least a couple of times a week. That I spotted in great outfit posts of other bloggers. The bag that got sold out in the blink of an eye. That I got crazily obsessed with from the moment I saw it was sold out.

I clicked on ‘notify me when back in stock’ and when I got an email that it was restocked, I doubted for a couple of hours. A couple of hours too long, because when I finally decided to take the shot and buy it (read: empty my non-existing wallet) it was sold out again. I silly as I am, clicked the button again, and of course I didn’t hear back from it again. For months. Because obviously; I missed my second chance, and you should definitely not deserve a third chance on these games. But then the impossible happened: I got an email about a restocking. I thereupon acted as a crazy person and finally, FINALLY, clicked the bag home! And they lived happily ever after (I mean: it’s só beautiful!)

The shoes are a ‘mad-person-gone-wild’-example as well: I was bored on a train ride back from work, browsing through the Zara online store. Then I stumbled upon these boots, which were only €20. It must have been a mistake, so I didn’t know how fast I should go through the purchase process to ensure I would get them for that insane price. I was still looking for some good black boots anyway. And I love them; they are even comfortable than my real leather, quite expensive Zara boots!

Two perfect purchases.


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Jeans – Zara | top – Zara | sneakers – Nike Air Max

Had the most wonderful day today. It was super hot for a first of November; around 20 degrees. So me and my boyfriend went to check out the most hot-and-happening part of the city; Katendrecht. It’s a great walk up there and we had a fresh out of the oven bread from the bakery that is located – together with other shops like a coffee place and butcher – in some sort of huge hangar, which used to be part of the Port of Rotterdam. After that, we went on to SS Rotterdam, the old steam ship that sailed between Holland and America. It now is a very cool and old-school hotel, and you can have drinks on the deck. Awesome. We went on to have a Starbucks and try on some perfume in the perfumery and finished off with some Italian dinner. All without wearing a coat once :) Now it’s time to watch a movie! Have a wonderful eve girls!


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