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Easter Diva


 photo easter3_zps8c090ad5.jpg
 photo easter1_zpsaf68ca19.jpg
 photo easter105_zps34f5d361.jpg
 photo easter17_zpsf05c06d9.jpg
 photo easter12_zps5ef37678.jpg
 photo easter16_zps501fe0ee.jpg
 photo easter13_zpsc6272b8e.jpg
 photo easter14_zpsefa39ae3.jpg

Dress – H&M | fake fur – H&M

Two sale scores in one look! The fake fur I scored a couple of years ago for like ten euro, and the dress a week ago for only 15 euro =) Love bargains! I’ve had a super relaxed weekend with friends, movies, Vogue, lunches, pancakes, and a bit of studying. So not looking forward to tomorrow, when my total focus should be on my thesis again. Now me and my roomie are gonna cook our favourite dinner: creamy mushroom pasta! =D What did you do this Easter weekend?

Let spring arrive..


 photo springessentials_zpsea3abf3d.jpg

Headphones – Sennheiser | skirt – Zara | top – H&M | icecream crop top – Primark | perfume – Eternity Summer by Calvin Klein (2013 edition) | clutch – Zara

.. ‘Cause I’m ready!! Picked up the super cool icecream shirt at Primark this week, don’t you love the print? Happy Friday beauties!!

Outfits lately… Do you have a favourite?

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 photo favouritelooks001_zpsa9bd3a9f.png

Twinkle, twinkle | Chanel Inspired | Flashback to Washington D.C. | Stand Still For a Moment | Boy I am Torn | Snapshots of a Moto Girl

Hadn’t done an overview of some of my recent (or not so recent anymore) looks for a while, so here it is! Do you have a favourite?

Yesterday, a friend of me and my roomie came over from Utrecht (we know her from our bachelor studies in Groningen). We had a lovely dinner at Vapiano and tons of wine and good chats. It’s so much fun to see how everyone is ‘growing up’ right now and getting more serious about life than just chillin’, partyin’, and studyin’, haha. We had a sleepover and went to Primark this morning, haha! Quite some cool things over there (I mean: One Direction socks!!! Hahah)



 photo Afb00051_zps06141a38.jpg
 photo WHATEVER_zpsd8413ce5.jpg
 photo IMG_1239_zps01e17f88.jpg
 photo IMG_1234_zpsf520a827.jpg
 photo IMG_1229_zpsad1782ea.jpg
 photo IMG_12501_zps3300d759.jpg
 photo IMG_1242_zps420d908c.jpg
 photo IMG_1252_zps61af0f00.jpg
 photo IMG_1257_zps21d012ac.jpg

Jeans – vintage Levi’s | sweat – H&M | sneakers – Nike Air Max | lipstick – Catrice

Hi there! :) Here’s the whole look in more detail. Had a meeting for a research proposal for my neuromarketing course today and after that a 3-hour guest lecture… Sucked up all my energy, not even Starbucks could bring it back :) I’m so looking forward to the delish quinoa salad (click on it for the recipe!) that me and my roomie are gonna eat in a bit! A little less to the gym session after that, haha!




 photo causeimhappy02_zps4bede54e.jpg
 photo causeimhappy_zpsfc09c7dc.jpg
 photo causeimhappy03_zps4f2fe0cd.jpg

Shorts – vintage Levi’s | sweater – H&M | sneakers – Nike Air Max

This is the puuurrrfect Sunday sweater. It is extremely soft, extremely cute (<3 Disney) and there’s nothing better to either cuddle up in on the couch, or to throw over your top when going for a walk outside. H&M is doing such a great job this season =D I spent my Sunday with sleeeeeping (got so little sleep over the past two weeks..), skyping with a friend who’s in Curacao for half a year and sitting on the couch, all bundled up :)) Plus: I got SO excited by the news that Alexander Wang will be the next guest designer for H&M! He’s for sure one of my favourite designers <3

What did you guys do?


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