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Entire outfit – Zara | lipstick – L’Oréal Paris Collection Exclusive Laetitia’s Pure Red

The whole outfit!
Ok, so I might need to put a little more effort into working out in order to sport leggings. A good new year’s resolution (ha-ha). Going to the gym proved to be not really my cup of tea. Last year December I started a killer-routine, which I quit before the finals in March and I never really got into it again anymore. Too bad actually, but the gym really is so boring to me after a while, when the newness is gone. I might want to try ballet beautiful, though. For the Trend Event of L’Oréal Paris last Monday that I co-organised I found a Dutch version of this workout, called barre concept. It’s founded by a Dutch girl, Amber, who is a classically schooled ballerina who took a course in ballet beautiful in London before starting her own school here in Amsterdam. She gave a short workshop at our event and I would love to try it out sometime soon. I can’t wait to show you the new products and trends that we introduced to the press at our event. You’ll definitely read more about it soon on the blog!



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Working for L’Oréal has as a great pré that you’re the first one to be aware of new launches and beauty trends. This lipstick, we launched last October in collaboration with the Free a Girl foundation. For every sold lipstick in that month, one euro went to the foundation that helps freeing girls from forced prostitution. A great cause.

I don’t actually know why I didn’t post about this collection before, especially because I absolutely love it. They are based upon four fenotypes; Blake, Doutzen, Laetitia, and Julianne. They suggested Julianne for me, since I have blue eyes and a hint of red in my brown hair. I love how sophisticated the colour looks on me, there is a perfect red for every woman. On top of it, the lipstick smells really good, which might be a pretty weird thing to say about a lipstick, but it’s true. The matte finish makes it very much ‘now’.

Still looking for a perfect red for the holidays? This might be your call :) What’s your favourite red lipstick?


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Entire outfit – Zara | lipstick – L’Oréal Paris Collection Exclusive Laetitia’s Pure Red

An all-Zara look! Had a Christmas party from L’Oréal last Friday in Club Air in Amsterdam. We had so much fun! The theme was neon, which I didn’t wear, haha. I wore my black open back dress, and high heels which I changed for my Nike Air Max halfway the night (haha, oops). We started in the afternoon with manicure and visagist sessions for all women working at the company. Major girl-time! The L’Oréal Paris visagist gave me beautiful plum-and-brown smokey eyes which I adored, and put foundation and blush on my face (I usually never wear anything more ‘cakey’ than a BB-cream, but must admit that I liked how it looked). Part of the reason is also that I do not trust myself picking a colour matching my face, haha. Are there more girls sharing this problem? Now that I now my True Match color, I might wear it a bit more often to see if I like it!

In the end, I took a night-train back home to Rotterdam, a cab from the station to my home (I got a free Uber ride but couldn’t find out how the app worked, precisely, so I took a regular cab and then accidentally ordered an Uber one in the end which I had to delete while hanging up on their calls, haha. Oops.) I got home around 04:30, together with my roomies who’d had a party from their study association, put my laundry in the washing machine (seriously, I never have time to do the laundry, imagine that 04:30 deems to be the best moment for it..) and went to sleep. To wake up around 9 already to find out that the awesome neon bodypaint tattoo on your shoulder doesn’t get off under the shower. Oh well.


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Blouse  and shoes – Zara | pants – H&M

And the whole outfit! We had such a beautiful start of the fall, warm days on which we didn’t really needed a coat or jacket yet. It’s like with the first day of December, winter really hit. Baby it’s cold outside! Winter coats, scarves, gloves, … it doesn’t seem enough. A good way to prepare for skiing, cause I decided this weekend to join my boyfriend and his family on their skiing trip in the first week of January! It’s been years since I stood on a pair of skies, so I’m a bit nervous, haha! What is also means though: no more clothes shopping! I cannot miss a dime spent on unnecessary expenses right now! Wish me luck :)


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This was only a couple of weeks ago, when the sun was still shining and open heeled shoes were not a problem yet. Right now, I only want to cuddle up in my warmest woolen pulls, wear my Nikes and Timberlands and drink hot chocolate <3 Who’s with me?!

Working on a very exciting event for L’Oréal right now, which will be held next week. Can’t wait!


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In ‘Secret Shopping Destinations’ I’m going to share with you my favourite places to find the most unique items that are not known by the mass (just yet). I start off today with a brand I discovered last June, when my friend took me to a department store here in the NL that I hardly ever come because it kinda has this dull image (V&D), but girl do they have some good things.

Ok. So. I never really had a thing with bags, and my only big, big, crush on a bag like ever was this Zara bag that I was lusting over for months. Until I met a new friend; the brand Parfois. Ah-mah-zin’ bags for even more amazing prices. Yes, the prices range somewhere between about €17 and €45. So much for all those ‘spensive Zara purchases and wish-list-candidates; you can from now on lift the spirit at Parfois. It’d be even difficult to meet your creditcard limits here!

Loved my Giraffe backpack of last summer? Guess what.. ;) Indeed, it was a Parfois. I already selected some of my top favourites here for you, but I’d definitely recommend to have a look yourself if you’re still looking for a perfect clutch to match your holiday outfits!

Ps. this post is by no means an advertisement, I just wanted to share my excitement and secret shopping destinations with you :)

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