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 photo pistolbracelet_zps4178ba24.png

While flipping through my copy of the newest Dutch VOGUE, I came across this amazing gun bracelet by Schield at a trend page inspired on Chanel’s Wild Western show in Dallas a couple of months ago. I have never been much of a jewellery obsessed girl; I love my daily, timeless pieces: a silver Michael Kors watch, a silver slavery bracelet I got from my parents, and the Tiffany’s bracelet which I bought for myself when I was in New York for the first time. I never really feel the need to add much to that or, so inconvenient (!!), change the combination all the time depending on the mood and look of the day.

That was until recently. Before I spotted this gorgeous bracelet and before my parents told me to go find something they could gift me for graduating from my masters…… Hehe.

Anyway, I decided I would rather have a gorgeous ring from my parents, which is a little more symbolic. More about that later. Nonetheless, this bracelet haven’t left my thoughts ever since I spotted it (which wasn’t too long ago, but well…). I have been obsessively searching for it on the internet but it’s extremely difficult to find (they don’t carry it -yet- in their online store). I found it on a British website, however.. they use a flat price, so 90 pounds instead of 90 euros, which makes it unneccesarily more expensive. So I keep on searching… (and obsessing) ;)



 photo heels_zps1422af2a.jpg

These! Super much on discount, which came as a – very welcome – surprise ;) How much I hate buying shoes at Zara; wiggly fitting because there are no chairs, while keeping an eye on your bag + phone that you put down on the nearest-by table, holding the back of you jeans because of the bending over backwards moves you make while trying to put on that damn shoe, and then… as a thank-you for all those caprioles you’ve just been through, you can pay way too much for the shoes at the desk, after which the girl behind the counter throws them in a bag for you – throws yes, and no box indeed. Happy shopping guys!

Too bad they seriously have THE best shoes!



 photo fringes01_zps1dbc8111.jpg
 photo fringes04_zpsf5ece4a5.jpg
 photo fringes06_zps01ced90e.jpg

Skirt – Costes | t-shirt – Zara | bag – Parfois | heels – Zara

Found the most amazing shoes on sale at Zara today! Incredible how it keeps going, haha! Will show them to you later. Are you all excited for fashion week? I finally have some time to catch up on the shows, I’ll work on a blogpost about it later maybe :) Still in love with this backpack from Parfois, getting more and more the hang of bags, lately.. The skirt is also a recent favourite, another sale find, and another major love <3 The t-shirts have been added to Zara’s collection some months ago and, according to me, those are THE  perfect t-shirts! Finally I found some! And they are super inexpensive, only about 17 euros…. Be careful washing them, though, I preferably do it by hand (or a delicate program on the washing machine), because it looses its fit when being washed all too often, unfortunately. A real steal though, if you consider the price!

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 photo sungloww_zpse7d01ab6.jpg
 photo sunglow05_zps4c8b5244.jpg
 photo sungloww02_zpsa3aa45da.jpg
 photo sunglow07_zpsf3bcf54d.jpg
 photo sunglow08_zpsc19027db.jpg
 photo sungloww03_zpsfa18a202.jpg
 photo sunglow09_zps1441f452.jpg

Dress – H&M

Here are the rest of the photos from the series I started to post yesterday. Love how they turned out. The dress is another sale found (from last spring), it’s incredible what you can find in sales sometimes. Today, I’m gonna continue working on my scrapbook from my time in the States, finally doing this! Haha, pretty excited. It feels so weird to suddenly have all this free time and not so many things to do…

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 photo sunglow10_zps67684efb.jpg
 photo sunglow00_zps19413e3b.jpg

The sun is gonna shine again! Finally we can expect some nice weather.. already excited to wear summery clothes again, haha! Have been in my pajamas all day so far, searching and applying for internships, blogging, listening to music, watching Orange is the New Black, and drinking tea. Not bad for a Monday, don’t you think? For everyone who started a new school/academic year today: much luck, enjoy it, and get motivated! ;) Already missing being a student, haha!

How did you spend your Monday?

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 photo campinglife07_zpsfaf81c3e.jpg
 photo campinglife11_zps40d1de7c.jpg
 photo campinglife0_zpsea48715b.jpg
 photo campinglife10_zps47784ff0.jpg
 photo campinglife04_zpscb6ac7c4.jpg
 photo campinglife09_zps4c4c1b46.jpg

Entire outfit – Zara | sneakers – Nike Air Max

Found this outfit on sale at Zara this week. The jeans was only 8 euros, and the top 6… Can you believe it?! I wish it was sale forever! Talking about Zara… Seriously, do you understand their sizes? I sometimes wear a size S, sometimes a size L, sometimes size 36 other times I seriously need 40, or it doesn’t fit at all. It’s really one big mystery to me and many of my friends who have the same, haha! Ever had that at Zara? Today is my last day of studying for my master thesis defense, which I’ll have tomorrow… SO nervous!!

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